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Jack's Promise Essay

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It was a bright, sunny morning in Magical Wood and Jack Bunny was fast asleep. Her mama was in the kitchen baking carrot cookies and the wonderful smell of the warm cookies woke Jack She sat up, rubbed her eyes and wiggled her nose. Something smelled good! She wiggled her nose again. Something smelled very good! She jumped out of bed and ran to the kitchen.

"Mama, Mama," said Jack , "those cookies smell so good that they woke me up! May I have some? Please?"

"I'm baking these cookies for Granny Bunny," Mama replied. "She's not feeling well and I think some homemade cookies might help her feel better."

"May I take the cookies to Granny?" asked little Jack .

Mama thought for ...view middle of the document...

Little Jack was so excited! Mama had never let her walk by herself to Granny's before.

"Mama doesn't think I'm a baby anymore," thought Jack as she walked along the path to Granny's house. Jack was so happy that she began to skip along the path.

Well, Jack hadn't skipped very far when she saw the most beautiful wildflowers in an open field.

"Oh, those flowers would make Granny feel better," Jack said to herself.

"I shall bring Granny a beautiful bouquet." Then, as Jack tarted toward the field, she stopped and remembered what Mama had said: Don't pick flowers in the clearing and stay on the trail! Well, thought Jack I don't want to break my promise to Mama. She trusts me and even though I don't understand why she won't let me pick flowers by myself, I must remember my promise, I just must!

Just then, as she was standing on the path and looking at the flowers, a huge hawk swooped down into the very flowers Jack had wanted to pick and flew away with a mouse!!

"Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness!" Jack exclaimed, "That poor mouse!" Then, Jack realized something very important: if she had not kept her promise to Mama, the hawk might have grabbed her instead of the mouse! This made Jack feel scared, but she continued to Granny's house, staying on the path, just as she had promised.

After a little while, Jack as no longer scared and she was again skipping down the path with her basket of cookies. Soon, she was able to hear the bubbling and gurgling of the creek. And that made Jack suddenly feel very thirsty!

Soon, Jack as able to see the creek! As she was about to race off the path, she again remembered her promise to Mama. "Well, the creek is closer to the path than the field was, and there are certainly no hawks this deep in the Wood," thought Jack. She was watching a frog by the creek as she was trying to decide what to do.

"A promise is a very important thing," thought Jack "Mama will be so proud of me for keeping my promises and staying on the trial. But, maybe I could just run over for a quick sip, say hello to the frog and run right back to the trail."

When Jack looked back at the frog, it was gone! In its place was a great big snake! "Oh, no!" said Jack "I hope that little frog got away!" Then...

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