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Jackie Robinson And The Civil Rights This Is A Short Essay About Jackie Robinson And How He Was One Of The First Black People To Be In Sports. It Talks About How He Influenced Many People

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I feel that Jackie Robinson made the biggest impact on Civil Rights. He was thefirst black man to "officially" play in the big leagues in the 20th century. He possessedenormous physical talent and had fierce determination to succeed. Jackie Robinson wentthrough his ten year career facing racial conflicts, but he didn't let that stop him ...view middle of the document...

He sent letters and telegrams tovarious presidents to strengthen the Civil Rights Act, claiming that it was too weak.Nothing would make him quit. "I believe in the goodness of a free society. And Ibelieve that society can remain good only as long as we are willing to fight for it--and tofight against whatever imperfections may exist," said Jackie.Jackie Robinson was remembered primarily for breaking the color barrier inbaseball, but if you focus on the totality of Jackie Robinson and all that he accomplished,you will see much more. He became a fundraiser for NAACP and served on the Board ofdirectors. He also did many other fundraisers. Martin Luther King Jr. eve said, "JackieRobinson made it possible for me in the first place. Without him, I would have neverbeen able to do what I did." This is why Jackie Robinson made the biggest impact onCivil Rights.

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1365 words - 5 pages , Connecticut on October 24, 1972. The Dodgers retired his number 42, and he was elected into the hall of fame in 1962, the first year he was eligible. The National League Rookie of the year was renamed in his honor in 1986 (Jackie Robinson 3). Though most people now take segregation for granted, there where many people who helped change it. Jackie Robinson with the help of Branch Rickey worked to reform the major leagues of not only one sport but all of them. The face of sports and baseball alike where changed forever. "..Once he put on the uniform, he was a winner" (Aaron 56).

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2233 words - 9 pages Bank established a way for black business owners to receive loans (“The Life of Jackie Robinson” 1). Jackie Robinson was not only concerned about his life but the lives of all African American people. He worked daily to improve the lives of the generations to come. Jackie Robinson was and is still an icon in the culture of Americans today. He will always be in our hearts as one of the many men who changed the face of sports and the movement of

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1475 words - 6 pages public scrutiny. Times have changed since Jackie Robinson first broke into the major leagues. Despite his death many cannot help but feel as if he was an enormous part of America’s greatest change. With the help of Branch Rickey, Jackie was able to break the Color Barrier of American sports, but he also broke the Color Barrier of America. People began to become more passionate about their civil rights once they saw that Jackie could play ball

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788 words - 4 pages , recognized Jackie’s talent and invited Jackie into his office and had a one on one talk with Robinson. He told Jackie he would have to have more than talent; he would need to have courage, and be able to not get provoked by the racist comments given by fans. Branch Rickey then signed Jackie with the Montreal Royals, the Dodgers Minor League team. Jackie’s first game with the Royals was in the spring of 1946. The Royals won 14-1 and Jackie scored 4

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