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Jackie Robinson: Compare And Contrast Essay

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Jackie Robinson: The Book and The Film

Jackie Robinson stands at front plate, with the bat gripped firmly in his hands. The crowd, rather than cheering, was booing and shouting at him. Racial slurs were throw before the baseball ever was, but Jackie kept calm. He couldn't let them win. The pitcher finally threw the ball. Crack! The ball sails over the stadium and the crowd is full of convoluted cries and shouts. Jackie jogged home. He had won that round.

Jackie Robinson was the first African American to play Major-League baseball. His inspiring actions and wise words are remembered even now, and on Jackie Robinson day, all baseball players wear his jersey:“42”. Many biographies have been written, and one biography, The Noble Experiment. Recently, in April 2013, Legendary Motion Pictures released a movie entitled “42”. In many ways, the film and Jackie’s autobiography are alike. However, the are also different in many ways.

The first noticeable difference is the narrating. Obviously, in Jackie Robinson’s autobiography it is narrated with a first-person view. But in the film, a reporter Jackie later befriends is telling Jackie’s story. But, the movie’s narrating stops there, in the beginning, while the book is in a continuous narrative. Another difference is that while the book tells of Jackie’s first meeting with Mr. Rickey, and his signing to the Montreal Royals the movie is about his first season of professional baseball. Also, the book- showing only a first-person view-can only show what was happening to Jackie, while the movie is involved with everyone’s life. But despite their many differences, The Noble Experiment and “42” are also similar in their own ways.

For instance, both relay emotion. In The Noble Experiment, it shows emotions such as trust, strength, courage, and a bit of edge...

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