Jackson 5: The Making Of A Great Group

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Michael Jackson and his family were brought up in Gary, Indiana. On August 29, 1958 Michael Joseph Jackson was born. Michael Jackson’s father Joseph Jackson and mother Katherine Jackson were together for most of Michael’s life. They built a family together of 8 kids. Joe had been a musician and played they the guitar but was forced to stop playing to take care of his kids. By the early 1960’s Tito, Jackie, and Jermaine had started to perform by 1964 Michael and his brother Marlon had join the group.
The boys practice and danced so much that they basically missed out on their childhood from the start they weren’t allowed to go outside and play with the other kids from the neighborhood they were inside practicing day and night until they got every step as perfect as Joseph wanted it. Joseph was strict and a aggressive parent he would beat them if they didn’t do the routine how he wanted it. He was very serious about them getting every step right, he wanted just about everything perfect. If one of them messed up then all of them had to pay for it, and would have to start over until they got it right.
Singing and dancing were the talents of the group they were all very mature in their talents with Tito playing the guitar. Jermaine playing the bass guitar, and Jackie, Michael, and Marlon with dancing. Michael and Jermaine were usual the lead vocals in most of their top hits, but after a while Michael took over in the lead. The boys were often pushed by their father Joseph he wants them to have every step and note right for when time came to perform. Joseph would beat them badly if they messed up or missed a step. Katherine was a very soft spoken woman she would take care of the girls while Joseph practice with the boys.
The Jackson 5 were introduced to Motown’s Berry Gordy. He once said they were “the last big stars to come rolling of my assembly line.” By the end of 1969 the boys were signed and working on their first hit single “I want you back”. After the first hit single started to come in. The first four singles went to number in 1970. They recorded each hit I a nine month period with “ABC”,...

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