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The snow was falling of the winter of 1980 in Jackson Hole, Wyoming it was an early snowfall, but was foreshadowing for the winter to come. John Carnell was eighteen about to graduate Jackson High and was an electric young man, who was into everything outdoors. The town of Jackson was a quaint place to live and was the gateway to the Tetons and the abundant Yellowstone National Park. John and his friend Tom decided to plan a snowmobiling trip to the backwoods of the Tetons were they would do some extreme skiing and would spend a few nights in the outdoors. They were very excited about the trip and had been planning it for a while and with the early snowfall they decided it was time to go. They decided that Friday would be a perfect day to leave after school and make there way back into the wilderness and find a camping spot.It was Thursday and John and Tom were planning on leaving the next day and were discussing the trip at the Hungry Elk, a local diner in Jackson.“I’m a little nervous about what we will do if we have an emergency so far back in the woods,” Tom exclaimed. “We will be fine nothing bad is going to happen the trip is going to be awesome, your such a panzy,” John remarked. “No, I’m not. I’m just actually somewhat intelligent enough to think and plan for an emergency.” “Whatever, man,” replied John.Two radiant girls entered the Hungry Elk and walked past John and Tom.“Hey Sweet thing, why don’t you and your good looking friend have a sit with me and my friend here,” John said confidently.“We’ll just do that handsome,” remarked Laura.Laura and her friend Stacy had traveled from Salt Lake City, Utah for a weekend getaway at a nearby resort in the Tetons. They were both freshman in college at the University of Utah and were looking forward to a relaxing weekend, if they only knew what was in store for them.“So I haven’t seen you girls around here before,” exclaimed John.“ Ya, were not. We go to college back in Salt Lake City,” remarkedLaura. “Our you boys in college?”“ Huuh?....... Of Course. We got to Jackson Hole Community College,”Hesitantly said John.The girls went to the bathroom for a moment and the boy’s began to discuss about the trip and if they should invite there newly acquainted lady friends along.“I don’t know John if we should ask them we barely know them. WhatDo you think? ” proclaimed Tom.“What do I think? I think HELL YA!! We should ask them,” loudly shouted John.John talked Tom into it and so it was decided that they would ask the girls to...

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