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Jackson Pollock Number 1 (Lavender Mist)Jackson Pollock, Number 1, 1950 (Lavender Mist),Jackson Pollock was a bearded shock trooper of modern painting, who spread his canvases on the floor, dribbled paint, sand and broken glass on them, smeared and scratched them and named them with numbers.The Above painting "number one" is located at the Museum of modern Art in New York City. The piece is "Oil on canvas, 68 inches x 104 inches". By looking at the painting, you can take many things away from it. What ever your imagination required was the tempo that Pollack tried to make you see. "Jackson Pollock's Number One shows how much paint can be "unrestricted, unexpected, uncontrolled". "Number one" is a piece that looks very intrigue. By the perception of eye, it looks like the painting has many layers because of the way he painted on top of dry paint, and the way he used different colour schemes to make that effect.Jackson Pollock was a classic "action painter", an artist who transformed his canvas into a modern-day arena wherein an epic struggle between man and material might unfold. With grand, heroically scaled gestures, this action painter created an art of confrontation and catharsis.Pollock's Lavender Mist epitomizes ultimate style, in which physical action and emotional expression achieve balance. It is an astounding tapestry of colour, poured, dripped, and flung on the canvas.Art critic Clement Greenberg, Pollock's friend and a champion of abstract expressionism, suggested the name Lavender Mist for the painting originally called Number 1, 1950. Greenberg's more evocative title conveys the painting's strong atmospheric effect, though there is no lavender on the canvas. The painting is composed primarily of white, blue, yellow, gray, umber, rosy pink, and black paint.Pollock's daring abstract work legitimized the convergence and mastery of chance, intuition, and control. Layered skeins of paint generate beauty and order out of seemingly random gestures.Film still of Pollock painting. © 1999, Estate of Hans NamuthUltimately it becomes clear that he not only...

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