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Jacob Breaks The Bar Essay

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1) My client, Jacob, is a 22 year old senior in college, and desires to deadlift with proper form. His overall goal is to gain muscle mass on a semi-ectomorph body frame. His knowledge and experience with the deadlift movement is nominal. He wants to increase the weight he lifts, but under an initial consultation, I noticed that his initial movement, breaking the weight from the floor, was inadequate to improve his performance goal. Jacob admitted his novice status in the use of free weights for mass building, and submitted to begin learning as if he were unaware of any knowledge of the movement. Gross motor skills showing need for improvement were scapular retraction and load preparation in the lower body in order to break the bar from the surface. Based on Gentile's 2D Classification, Adams (1999) describes a closed skill as self-paced, unchanging, and stable environment in which the learner is trying to learn consistent movement patterns. This plan will be designed with a closed environmental context, with an action function of a quasi-mobile body with object manipulation due to the motor learning detected. In the Fitts-Posner Cognitive Stages of Learning, Jacob is in the cognitive stage, as he lacks the experience to achieve the break with proper form. Zwicker and Harris (2009) explained that during the first stage, the cognitive stage, an individual may have a general idea of the movement required for a task but might not be sure how to execute that movement. The complete execution of the exercise requires the lifter to grasp a barbell at mid–shank level in a squat position and elevate the load by extending the lower back, hip, knee, and ankle joints (Swinton, Stewart, Agouris, Keogh, & Lloyd, 2011). To pinpoint this lesson, this will require learning how to approach the bar, squatting down, grasping the bar, take a deep breath, initiate the final loading by squatting lower, retracting the scapula, and breaking the bar from the ground. An additional a motor skill, postural knowledge, will be imparted and is paramount to avoid injury as the movement progressed from breaking to lifting the bar.
2) Cecchini, González, Méndez-Giménez, and Fernández-Río (2011) defined mastery goals as focusing on development and demonstration of competence via personal improvement and learning. In contrast, performance goals focused on the demonstration or proving of competence levels relative to other lifters. Darnon (2007) further explained that under mastery goals, attention is allocated to the resolution of the task. Researchers have shown that mastery goals favor a deep processing of the task, while performance goals share attention between the task and concern about performance outcomes. Holmberg, Crantz, and Michaelson (2012) conducted a study to determine if deadlift training could treat low back pain. In the beginning of the intervention, the subjects had to learn a correct lifting technique, with low intensity and adequate rest periods, all...

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