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Jacobson V. Us: Child Protection Act Of 1984

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Keith Jacobson ordered and received a bunch of pornographic magazines containing nude pictures of underage children. After the Child Protection Act of 1984, it became illegal to receive pictures like that in the mail. After finding him in the mailing list, a couple of government agencies decided to send him some fake catalogs to see if he would take the bait for the now illegal activities he had committed before. He ended up ordering from these catalogs thinking that the males in the magazine were older than 18. He said he was surprised after he had received the magazines containing pictures of underage children engaged in sexual activities.
There really hadn't been any federal laws against the production and distribution or possession of child pornography a person could get it really easily. Congress then passed the sexual exploitation of children act of 1977 which made it illegal to produce and sell child pornography. Later on, in addition to the previous act the Child Protection Act of 1984 made it illegal to purchase child pornography and receive it in the mail. In 1985, the United States Postal Service began what they called Project Looking Glass was a sting operation to reinforce the child protection act of 1984. The main reason that they did this was to try to find out who was selling and producing it. One of the people that they found was Keith Jacobson. The year before, he had purchased a couple of child pornography magazines. He started to receive various letters from fake “organizations” that wrote to him about his sexual fantasies and pleasures. They dropped him for a while but then decided to bring him back up when they found his name on the order list again. This time they were less focused on the distribution, and more on the consumer of this illegal product.
The trial was a long one. He was inducted on one count of knowingly receiving sexually explicit material...

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