Jade Rockwood Essay

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The year was 1986 JADE just moved from his backwoods town of Roodhouse Illinois for the big city of Los Angeles. JADE took his first step onto the city streets as they street lights nearly blind him. He walks into a dark alley to see a couple of guys wearing leather vests and bandanas. They walk up to JADE and notice his suitcase and walked up to him. “Give me your suitcase.” the gang member said. “I’m good.” JADE responded. the gang member grabs his suitcase and pulls it towards him then an echo shot through the air and the gang member fell on the ground with a bullet hole in his lung. “Wait what?” JADE said. “What’s the problem?” I asked confused. “I shot him in the lung with my suitcase how does that make sense?” JADE said “Well I’m the narrator. What I say goes.” I said. “I thought this was about me being a rock star and my journey from where I came from.” JADE said. “I was going to do that but I figured I had a better story.” I said “Ok cool an adventure.” JADE said. “He Shot Lewis.” the gang members said. They all started running towards him. “Wait hold up is you kidding me.” JADE hollered in the sky but there was no answer. He knew that there was no time for discussion so he jump and kicked one of the members in the face and runs the members pull out a guns and start shooting at JADE. That’s when a Delorean pulls up. The door flies open. “Get in.” the driver said. JADE jumps in the car and slammed the door shut and they drove off. JADE looked over to the dr- “Holy crap your Michael j. fox.” JADE yelled excitedly “ Do you realize you interrupted the narrator?” Michael j . fox said “ Yeah he’s kind of a jerk.” JADE said “I’m right here.” I hollered angrily. “Anyway.” Michael said. “I need your help JADE.” “with what?” JADE responded. “It has to do with Christopher Lloyd.” fox said. JADE looked confused at him. “Doc Brown.” fox added. “Alright JADE hollered excitedly “We get to save doc brown JADE said excitedly “Are we going to time travel.” JADE said. “Yeah don’t worry we’ll time travel.” fox said. after that they hear a gun fired and busted a tail light. “What in the world was that?” JADE asked. “Cubans.” fox said. “Another gun shot fired. “ 88 miles an hour marty.” JADE hollered. Fox pulled out a gun and handed it to JADE “how’s your aim?” fox asked. “Not as good as I want it to be now how bout you?” “Mine a little shaky” fox answered after a pause fox looked down. really a Parkinson joke that’s low .” fox screamed looking into the sky “yea man that’s uncool.” JADE looked over to the speedometer “Hey mike you know where going 88 miles per-.” right then the warped through time. The delorean screeched and crashed into a hospital. Fox ran out of the car and found a doctor.
“Doc doc what years is it.” fox said to the doctor “1996.” the doctor responded.
“ have you heard of Christopher Lloyd.” “yeah hes the president.” “NO.” fox said in horror hes the president of the states.” “More like the world” the doctor said....