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Some people are trapped in the prison of their own lives. The bars can consist of many things that hold these people from their full potential. Many of these restrictions come from social standards, stereotypes, prejudices, or poverty. It's hard to break away from these cycles, but it is possible. It takes enormous strength and courage which these characters did not have. Even though they did not succeed we can learn from their mistakes.Songlian decided to marry into wealth in "Raise the Red Lantern." She felt that it was worth giving up personal freedoms to live an upper class lifestyle. Songlian was entrapped at her masters estate and was forced to follow family traditions that were handed down through centuries.She is the fourth mistress to the master. The sisters, or fellow mistresses, constantly competed for his attention. He would only stay at one house a night and that wife's lanterns would be lit in honor. The mistress that was privileged with the masters visit had more power with the estate staff and chose dinner for the entire family.The need for attention led to violent behavior among the family. Before Songlian joined the family Zhuayun, the second mistress, and Meishan, the third mistress, were both pregnant at the same time. Both women were trying to have their baby first so they would have a higher status in the family. Zhuayun put poison in Meishan's food trying to cause her to have a miscarriage. At the same time she took medicine that would speed up her delivery. Meishan did not have a miscarriage, but gave the master a son and a future head of the family. While an ashamed Zhuayun gave birth to a girl that would have no future family status. Zhuayun also helped Yon'er, a servent, place a curse on on Songlian out of jealousy. While Songlian was drunk she let the family know of Meishan's secret affair with the doctor. When Meishan was caught in town with the doctor she was hung by the servants due to family tradition.Krishma is a young boy trying to make it on his own in "Salaam Bombay!" He was dropped off at the circus by his mother for burning his brother's bike. He was to stay there until he could earn enough money to pay his brother back. While Krishma went to town to pick up something for his boss the circus packed up and left. With no other choice available he bought a ticket to Bombay.Bombay had little hope to offer Krishma. He met several new friends that also lived on the streets of Bombay. Working for a local vendor selling tea he slowly earned money towards his trip home. Chillum showed him the ways of the streets, but also introduced him...

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When it is all said and done, the current criminal justice system is about as fair and effective as we can resonably expect

2326 words - 9 pages publicized case of recent,where the leader involved in the gang rape of two young woman in Sydney was sentenced to 55 yearsin prison. Whether this would have been the case if it wasn't covered so closely throughout the mediais questionable. The media's involvement is important to bring understanding and education to thepublic, but the way the media portrays these cases is often bias and unjust. Without questioning ourjudges' integrity, it does raise

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1352 words - 5 pages purchasing. With the current marijuana law, you can only throw a kid in jail for using cannabis, but it will not stop them from smoking cannabis. They can always buy marijuana from a black market dealer without showing their ID. If we legalize recreational use of cannabis, kids below 21 years will not be able to purchase marijuana. So, legalization will actually abate the use of marijuana among kids below 21 years old. If we just say that marijuana

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975 words - 4 pages never sleeps, always waiting for an opportunity to re-emerge. Programs of recovery suggest that it be fought on every front, starting with abstinence and avoiding old places where the addict used. That could include not going to bars, not going to parties or friends houses where drugs or alcohol will be. It can mean avoiding certain people or even whole neighborhoods if necessary. It might also look like attending support groups such as Alcoholic

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2202 words - 9 pages without even being imprisoned while other offenders join the program after serving their minimum jail sentence. (Petersilia and Joan, 1997). Residential community corrections Involvement of the families and the communities of the offenders are crucial in the rehabilitation of offenders. Despite it being somehow risky, it is necessary to ensure that children of the parents who had been imprisoned do not repeat the cycle of engaging in criminal

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689 words - 3 pages When falsely accused individuals are later exonerated from prison due to the new DNA tests available in today's society, they face many challenges with resocialization and re-entry into the real world. Whether they re-marry, acquire a job or stay with a family member after imprisonment for nearly a decade, they all seem to have one thing in common; they all carry the burden of innocence.According to the "Burden of Innocence", an example of a man

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1315 words - 5 pages actually have surveyed people and later filed a lawsuit against them. Even with these almost humorous attacks against us, the number of pirates only strengthens.To jail all of the pirates who downloaded Limewire just last week for one year, assuming they are in an average jail ($17,700), would cost a whopping 9.7 BILLION dollars. What would be more intelligent, to put average computer users who happen to share music behind bars, or to jail the

Racial Inequalities in the Justice System

1754 words - 7 pages incarcerated with an average total of 2.2 million people behind bars. The increase in rate of people being incarcerated has also brought about an increasingly disproportionate racial composition. The jails and prisons have a high rate of African Americans incarcerated with an average of 900,000 out of the 2.2 million incarcerateed being African American. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics 1 in 6 African American males has been

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897 words - 4 pages Rehabilitating Our Criminals      America releases 600,000 prisoners each year, but does little to prepare them for work or to improve their unlawful habits. However—not surprisingly—within three years, many of the ex-convicts are re-arrested (Irwin 38). People who have already spent time in prison or jail move back to some of America’s poorest neighborhoods to terrorize neighbors who can ill afford the costs of crime. United States prisons

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853 words - 4 pages less money and they save lives. Capital punishment (Death Penalty) does not teach any lesson and is pointless. Murder rates are higher in states that allow the death penalty than states that don’t. It’s a coward move and is 2 wrongs hat don’t make a right. Most of the time innocent people are dying for the price of 2.3 million dollars, what kind of country is this? Killing innocent citizens for making a mistake, when life in jail without parole is cheaper. The “criminals” should think about what they have done behind bars, make them pay the price for their actions instead of American tax payers.

Propostition 36

1557 words - 6 pages out of jail, so that those who have convicted violent and dangerous crimes can remain there. It would make it possible for those who can be rehabilitated without jail sentences to do so, while putting those who can or will not behind bars. Perhaps the most important question of all, is there a way of reducing the drug use in America today? The answer is yes, Proposition 36.

The Mentally Ill Locked Up… In Jail?

1269 words - 6 pages for transportation. Without housing or health services, they typically return to behavior that can lead to re-incarceration (Barrett, Slaughter, and Jarrett 35). The chance of mental inmates returning to jail after the previous release is 70 percent (Barrett, Slaughter, and Jarrett 35). Treatment is the main factor in helping one with mental illness to get better. For some people, jail is seen as a place of treatment and care (Draine and

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