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Jailbreaking Essay

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I have heard the elders talk about how life used to be, before the laws. They say that back in the 21st century, people could travel all around the globe. Now we can only stay in the city in which we were born. Although, I have heard rumors claiming that if your birth city gets too crowded, then the American government wipes your memory like paper into a shredder, next you are implanted in an entirely new and barren place that has a low population. I have always wished to see someplace besides the monotonous city of Eugene, Oregon.
It is now 3020; we have been living with these strange laws ever since the turn of the century. When I was four, I didn’t understand the brand new laws. I asked ...view middle of the document...

The river winds through the mountains, a snake searching out its prey.” Instead of being able to travel and see exquisite places like Montenegró, all I can see are green, douglas fir forests and the Coburg hills in the distance. I love walking through the forests because I feel like I am transported to a secret world; I love being away from the enforcers who patrol the streets and my friends who want me to stay in the same, old, boring places. I only want to do the one thing that is outlawed: travel.
One day while talking with my best friend, Amy, I told her my thoughts about these laws as I do everyday.
I said, “Amy, you have heard me say this before, but I hate these laws. This town has grown more boring to me with each year, I only wish to see someplace new and exciting!”
Amy replied, “Natasha, how can you think such a thing! If the enforcers heard you, you would be in jail for at least a year, if not longer!” Natasha is studying to be a lawyer, so she knows all the years in jail for various offenses.
I told her, “Traveling is the only thing I want to do, but it’s outlawed! Is there any way to evade this law?”
Amy said, “No, don’t even try. You will be killed for trying to escape this town. Natasha, you are my best friend, but you can’t talk like this. We will both be sent to jail. When you decide to follow the laws let me know, goodbye.” Amy is such a rule-follower, sometimes I can’t stand to be near her while I am feeling rebellious.
We are not allowed to challenge the totalitarian American authorities, but I do it everyday in my mind. I don’t believe their stories about why the laws are needed. They say, “So many immigrants came in and overpopulated our schools! The immigrants asked for asylum, which we granted, only for them to bomb our theaters, schools, and malls.” I don’t understand why anybody would lie about asylums, but now there exists no such thing. If so many immigrants came here and went to school, wouldn’t there have been something wrong with their schools? I wish the laws were changed so I could help and meet other people besides the small community of this town. Ralph told me these laws banning travel were created by the American government, who had grown more afraid of terrorists and immigrants as time progressed. The laws were put in place because of fear, but I am not afraid of the unknown.
I feel like the only thing I could do to change my life is escape. Sure I may be caught, but death is better than this sheltered life everyone is forced to live. My family would miss me, but I can only be truly happy in the freedom that waits outside this town. I must leave this jail.

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