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Jake Reinvented Essay

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In the book Jake Reinvented the theme seems to be not to stress over the unimportant things but to focus on the little things and as times go by. In times in the book Jake focuses on having fun and living life to the fullest. In this book the main character is Jake Garrett who is a smart kid who is the long snapper on the football time and likes to throw lots of wild parties. He tends to some times in the story veer away and party too much and get in trouble.

In the book Jake Reinvented the author perfectly and accurately portrays the life of a high school kid during this time, with high levels of social and the high drama but high excitement. An ambitious teen Jake Garrett was anxious to get going in his new school, making new friends and playing football. As the new kid he is trying to become popular right away by throwing wild parties. At his old school he used to tutor Didi, Rick’s girlfriend. Jake the new kid in ...view middle of the document...

Now he has changed himself, all in the hopes of winning Didi’s heart. Rick a friendly guy is put in the middle this issue of Jake wanting his girl. ”The lousy part is that Didi’s going to want to come every week now that it turns out she knows Jake. There must be some way around it.”(Pg. 44). Through out the book Jake keeps showing signs of affection in Didi’s direction; he never gives up on his dream of getting Didi. As the story goes on he gets more popular by his house parties and his ability to play football, and is getting closer to Didi’s heart. Through out the book he tries to get Didi to come to his heart, but she does not want to be disloyal to Rick because she loves him. At times in the story she thinks about it because Rick sometimes makes her mad and she doesn’t want to be with him.

In the story Todd is boring but that is because he sticks to the little things and is more mature and doesn’t party every weekend and has fun. Rick despite his connections, is very much alone throughout the book, because Jake is trying to take his girl. “Jake and Jen found a t-shirt that read McKinley math team 2001 and mathletes do it by the number that was about Jake’s size” (pg. 162). Through out the story Jake and Rick start to become friends through football but Rick had no clue that Jake is the one trying to take his girl.

In the mix of this book Jake starts to grow up and be more mature and focusing on the little things. He starts partying less and drinks les with friends but is still trying to get Didi’s heart to be his not caring about Rick’s feelings. Still hosting parties every now and then to keep his reputation up about the partying and keep his popularity.

Through out the entire book the theme stays true. The theme for this book would be People might obsess over one thing and get lost in the other. As the story goes on the characters show that they like to party but also start getting bad grades in school. Also they try to take things that are not there’s for them and don’t care if they are hurting others. In times in the book Jake focuses on having fun and living life to the fullest, having fun and focusing on the little things in life.

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