Jake's First Day Of School Essay

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“DRIIIINGGGG!” the bell hollered.
Jake pushed open the car door and ran with all his might to the principal’s office where he would get his schedule to his new classes.
“I can’t be late on the first day!!!” he muttered running through the halls of his new school.
As Jake reached the office, he heard a voice bellow out of a tiny room with a plaque on it...the principal’s office.
“Well hello there!” the principal said arising from his chair. “I’m Mr. Johnson, the principal of Poinsettia Middle School in Madison, Wisconsin. Take a seat. How may I help you?”
“Well… I am new to this school and I was just wondering if I could have my schedule.”
“Oh! You must be our new student!!! Jake Harrison…is that correct?” the principal said enthusiastically.
“Yup…that’s me.”
“Well then… here is your new schedule. I’m sure that you will love all your teachers. Do you need any help finding the classrooms?”
“No thanks. I’ll be fine,” Jake said shifting around in his chair.
“Well of you go then.”
Jake looked down at his schedule…first period science…great. He hated science! Oh well…can’t avoid it forever can you?
The first two periods were so boring that he almost fell asleep. Lunch was up next.
The first thing Jake thought was…WOW! The cafeteria was huge!!! Bigger than his cafeteria back home.
With his lunch in one hand and his schedule in the other, he surveyed the room. Tables for all the popular boys, tables for popular girls…WOW! Just then, someone tapped him on the shoulder. Jake whizzed around almost knocking the boy’s lunch out of his hand.
“Hey! I’m Johnny. I recognized you from science. Are you new here?” the boy politely asked.
“Yeah…that’s obvious huh?”
“You can sit with me and my pals if you want.”
“Sure…why not.”
Jake followed Johnny to the table with all the popular boys.
“Hey you guys!” Johnny hollered. “This is Jake. He’s new here! I invited him to sit with us.”
“Hey!” the boys murmured.
As Jake sat down Johnny cleared his throat and began to talk again. “So you’re new huh? Where are you from?”
“Oh. I just moved from Little Rock, Arkansas.” Jake replied rubbing the back of his neck.
“Cool dude! If you’re done with your lunch, we can go outside and do something.”
Jake looked down at his tray. Suddenly his food didn’t look as good as it did before. He wasn’t hungry anyway.
“Sure…let’s go!”...

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