The Qualities And Traits Mangers Need To Be Successful

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When deciding if becoming a manager is right for you, one should carefully look at the qualities that it takes to become a manager. One should decide if he or she possesses the traits that it requires to be a manager. If he or she discovers that there is a lacking in one of the traits then he or she must look at how that can be improved and whether it can be improved at all. I was asked to do just this in my Management and Organizational Behavior class. I will be looking at my weakness and how I can go about improving them and looking at my strengths that I already possess and how they will help me in the business world.
I will discuss my weaknesses that I found during my research first. I took the ‘Rate Your Global Management Potential’ test on page 121 and it told me that I really lack the skills that it takes to become a global manager. I really do not know very much about other cultures at this point in my life but in order to be an effective manager and, especially an effective global manager, I have to be able to relate to people of other cultures and definitely know information about those cultures and places. To start broadening my horizons, I could learn a foreign language, such as Spanish. I could also travel when I get the opportunity to help in the process of learning other languages and become immersed into other cultures. I could take a class in World Cultures to further my education in this area. I also learned by looking at “How Tolerant Are You?” on page 380 that I am not a very tolerant person. I scored a 30 on my scale of tolerance, which said that I am less tolerant than the normal person and that could really affect my business or personal relationships. I will have to slowly work on this because it is not an easy one to fix. I do think that by spending time around people different than me I could learn more quickly to be tolerant. My next activity I looked at goes in conjunction with what I talked about previously. On page 444, I took the “What Is Your Personal Style?” test and it told me that I am not a very humble person. I knew this to an extent because I am very proud of the work that I get accomplished and do not want to share the “glory” with others but this is really something I will have to work on to be a manager. I could spend more time around people that are intelligent and see people that work better and harder than me. Hopefully, I will see that I should be humble and I am not the best. On page 625 I took a self-test regarding budgeting and saw that I really need to improve my budgeting. I do not spend out of control but I do not have any sort of budget and in order to be an effective manager I would definitely need to know how to budget. All of my categories on budgeting were even but I should have prevailed in the category that...

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