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Jakob And Wilhelm Grimm Essay

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Fairytales or imaginary stories were and are still told to children before they go to bed. In these stories, there were kings and queens that lived in kingdoms. With the king and queen, there would be a beautiful princess. The story will sometimes have an evil force that would cause terror in the kingdom. The evil force could be a number of things. An example of an evil figures can be a witch, warlock, troll, dwarf, stepfamilies, and even animals. Along with the evil figure, there are heroes that would save the day. The heroes were sometimes knights, princes, or sometimes even peasants. The hero would go up against any task that the evil figure throws at him. There would be some points in story where the hero feels like giving up and then gets the motivation to continue on their quest Then, the hero would go up against the evil figure and defeat the evil figure. At the end of these stories, the prince would marry the princess, rule the kingdom, and live happily ever after. These were the kind of stories that children loved to her and dream of. In the Grimm Brothers’ stories, the male characters were usually the ones that would get themselves into trouble. This essay will analyze the life and fiction of Jakob and Wilhelm Grimm. It will employ a literary analysis that focuses on the principle of female characters to gain a more thorough understanding of the following three short stories: “Rapunzel”, “The Brother and Sister”, and “Gambling Hansel.”
Jakob and Wilhelm were born a year apart from each other. Jakob was born in 1785 and Wilhelm was born in 1786. When they were young, they lived the life of luxury and were able to get the education that they needed because their father was a lawyer (Yolen XVI). The two brothers had about seven sibling, but only five siblings had grown up to reach adulthood. As the years went on, the boys’ father had died and they had to live on their grandfather’s money to continue their educations. The brothers stayed close together and depended on each other through their young lives (Yolen XVI). They could not be separated.
Before life was started to become a little better, the boys’ grandfather had died and they had to fend for themselves to higher their education. As the boys got older, Jakob was able to continue his education at a university to study law (Yolen XVI). Wilhelm was also able to continue his education too, but he had health problems that kept causing delays in his education. During their time studying law, there was a scholar and his brother-in-law that showed the brothers the materials that the brothers are known for until this very day (Yolen XVI). They started to study any type of literature they could get their hands on; like poetry. Later on in life, the brother were known for their knowledge of “Germany’s medieval language, literature, and culture” (Hilderband 214). Continuing their work, Jakob had travelled to Paris to study and explore the Bibliothèque nationale de France while Wilhelm...

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