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In the tale of Rapunzel, the prince falls in love with her and wanted to marry her. The prince tried to help Rapunzel escape from the tower, but he ended having her hair cut and sent away (Grimm 92-93). In this story, the prince had valued his love for Rapunzel. He made this his value because Rapunzel agreed to marry, but only if the prince were to, “Bring thee a skein of silk every time that thou comest, and I will weave a ladder with it” (Grimm 92). With his love for Rapunzel, he was motivated to earn her love and help her escape from the tower. Since his motivation was from the love Rapunzel, he did not know that there would be consequences. Along with losing the girl that he loved, he ...view middle of the document...

His motivation was to get them away from the stepmother because the stepmother was not treating them like a mother should treat their children. Through the story, the brother’s motivation and values changes because he changed into a fawn. Although he still cared for his sister, his value was to be turned back into a human. What motivated him to become human again was that he was being hunted by the king and his men, but in a way he liked being hunted (Grimm 79). The feeling of playing cat and mouse gave the brother the adrenalin that maybe him feel superior than his hunters.
The last story that a male character creates a problem for himself and gets into trouble because would have to be the story of Gambling Hansel. The story of Gambling Hansel is about “a man that does nothing but gambling” and gambles his life away (Grimm 417). When he had the Lord and St. Peter over, he had lost the money that they gave to them. Tricked by his lies, the two gentleman gave Hansel three wishes that they would grant (Grimm 417). Hansel has asked for “a pack of cards with which he would win everything, for dice with which would win everything, and for a tree whereon every kind of fruit would grow, which no one who had climbed up, could descend until he bade him do so” (Grimm 418). When Hansel had the three gifts, he had used the gifts to his own advantage and created chaos in the land.
As a gambler, Hansel’s values and he down fall was that he loved winning and getting everything he wanted with the three gifts. His motivation was that kept winning with gifts that he got. The gifts were making Hansel become a little cocky with winning every gambling game he won. With the three gifts, there were consequences. The three gifts had got Hansel into a lot of trouble that he was able to take over Hell and tried to destroy Heaven. At the end of the story, Hansel was had died and “broke into fragments” (Grimm 419).
The folktales that the Grimm brothers had collected from different people were made into the stories that were made for everyone to enjoy. Through these stories people were able to learn cultures that were outside of Germany. Their stories had characters like kings, queens, princesses, princes, witches, and even characters that...

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