The Positive And Negaitves Of Living In Jamaica

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“Jamaica’s a country of great dichotomy. On the one hand you have a tourist industry with great beaches and resorts, but on the other you have such great poverty and the violence that goes along with that.”(Michael Franti) In this paper, I will talk about the geography, the history of Jamaica, the people that live there now and that lived there in the past, the lifestyle of the society, and the society, like the government and economy.
Jamaica’s climate is warm and sunny. Its range is from 75 degrees Fahrenheit to 85 degrees during the day and 65 degrees during the night. They also have northeastern winds that keep everyone from getting to hot. This geography has greatly influenced the activities of everyday Jamaicans. Its rainy months are from May to November. Jamaica gets about 78 inches or rain a year.
Jamaica’s land was formatted about twenty-five million years ago. It was formed from two tectonic plates. The plates were the American and Caribbean plates.
Jamaica does not have regular seasons like we do. They have seasons based on how much rain they get. Hurricane season is from the months of June to November. When a hurricane comes the wind is anywhere from 100 to 200 miles per hour. Then can also cover about 50 to 500 miles and can last for several days. There are five categories of hurricanes; number one is 74 to 95 miles per hour, number two is 96 to 110 miles per hour, number three is 111 miles per hour, number four is 131 to 155 miles per hour, and the worst of all, number five, is more than 155 miles per hour.
The earliest inhabitants to come to Jamaica were the Arawaks. They came at about 600 B.C. About sixty to one-hundred thousand people immigrated to Jamaica. While they were here they invented the hanging bed made of cotton suspended by cords on each end, which is now called the hammock. In about 1494 the Arawaks left because of overwork. They also left on canoes to go to different countries. Now today there are non left.
After the Arawaks left, Christopher Columbus came to Jamaica. He came May 14, 1494. He named the island Santiago (the fairest island that eyes have held,) but the name was never adopted so the island kept its Arawak name, Xaymaca “land of wood and water.”
In the seventh century the Taino people arrived from South America. The Taino people later became enslaved, but a hash disease wiped out the Taino population. After the Taino people were demolished Jamaica banned slavery, in 1838.
In September1988 Jamaican had a terrible hurricane, named Hurricane Gilbert. Gilbert killed around thirty people and about twenty percent of Jamaica became homeless. There were also about one-hundred thousand homes were destroyed.
Jamaica has a wide population range. Jamaican has about 2.7 million people, which is about four percent of the...

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