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Jamaica:History And Culture This Essay Goes Indepth About The History,Economy & Agriculture, Heritage, Food, And Geography!

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* JAMAICA *"Jamaica has a rich island culture. The people are friendly, the weather is nice, the food is good, the music is loud, and the parties are wild."Jamaican HistoryThe first people to come to Jamaica were people from Venezuela, known as the Arawaks. They are thought to have come to Jamaica in two major waves, the first in 650 AD, and the second in 900 AD. They were then joined by the Caribs, who came from Guiana. While the Arawaks were a peaceful people, the Caribs were cannibalistic and fierce fighters. Much fighting arose between these two groups.Columbus then came to Jamaica in 1494. With him, he brought fear, disease and terror to the Jamaicans. He named the island Jamaica because he heard the natives call it Xaymaca. He brought smallpox and other horrible dieases, to which islanders had no antibodies. Most of them died out soon after Columbus arrived, and those that didn't were tortured and terrorized by Columbus and his sailors. He then left and returned several years later on his last voyage to the new world. During this voyage, he spent a year stranded on Jamaica trying to rebuild his boats.Soon after Columbus, in about 1510, there was an influx of Spanish Europeans. The Spanish, under the rule of Jaun de Esquivel, treated the Jamaicans no better than Columbus had and even more of the aboriginal Jamaicans died. At first they settled a beautiful area near St. Ann's Bay, and made a exquiotselty beautiful town named New Seville (sfter the governor) but then had to move due to the area's climate and swampy conditions. They then settled in present day Spanish Town. They built a beautiful city, with 500 houses and several churches. Unfortunately, none of this city remains, have rotted away after years of neglect and disuse.Jamaican Economy and AgricultureThe most productive (legal) industry in Jamaica is bauxite mining. Jamaica is the world's largest producer of bauxite. There are four major companies: Alcan, Alcoa, Kaiser, and Renyolds. Bauxite is mined in open pits, since it lies close to the earth's surface. It is then processed; crushed, washed, kiln dried and finally powdered and refined into alumina.The most money making crop in Jamaica is marijuana, even though it isn't legal, and it isn't even a native crop. It was brought from India with the indetured servants, who revered it a a holy pant, much as the Rastafarians do now. Jamaican marijuana is the major supplier to the U.S., with 70% of Jamaican marijuana going to the U.S.. This is proably due to the closeness of Jamaica to the U.S., as well as non enforcement of the laws in Jamaica concernig marijuana production and distribution.Jamaican HeritageThe people of Jamaica come from many different backrounds, and most are a mix of several different cultures. The majority of people are mostly from Africa, desecendants of slaves who were brought to Jamaica when the Europeans settled here. Some of these slaves, soon after being brought to Jamaica, ran off into the mountains. These...

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