Jamaica: We Are All One People

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A very small island located on the west coast of the globe; with a population of 2.217 million people, that divides into fourteen different parishes. Kingston, which is the largest parish in Jamaica and also the capital has the largest population of 117,210 people. The population is very diverse and the people are very sweet, kind, welcoming, honest, hardworking, dedicated etc. The very small island that tourist love to vacation at, love to travel to, and take such great knowledge in learning about the amazing culture. Jamaica, the land, “we love”. One of the smallest islands in the world, but its size doesn’t dictate what tremendousness it can do.
Major Industries
The Jamaican economy is majorly dependent on many sectors such as: Agriculture, mining, cement, tourism, sugar, tobacco and oil refining. Sugar cane just so happened to be another of the greatest major industries in Jamaica, which falls under the Agricultural category. With mining and agriculture being the two top contender industries, they strive to make Jamaica a country with moral and ethical standards. Mining and Agriculture contribute the most to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). In 1999 Jamaica GDP was accounted at 6.6%, currently striving there GDP is running at 15%. The Jamaican economy is heavily dependent on services, which accounted for more than 60% of GDP at the end of 2011. The country continues to derive most of its foreign exchange from tourism, remittances, and bauxite. Remittances account for nearly 15% of GDP and exports of bauxite and alumina make up roughly 5%. The bauxite/alumina sector was most affected by the global downturn while the tourism industry was resilient. Tourism revenues account for roughly 5% of GDP in 2011. The Jamaica's economy faces many major problems, especially in their political stand point that affects productivity.
The Average Worker
Jamaica’s working economy is very unstable, the economy is nothing compared to the United States working industry. In order to be compensated well, you have to have a degree of higher learning to show that you are qualified for the position at hand. For example: A teacher is being paid roughly about $50,000 JMD monthly, which is equivalent to about $500 USD. On the other hand an average worker gets paid about $4000-5000JMD, equivalent to about 40 or 50 $USD. These average workers works in places such as: supermarkets as cashiers, stockers, meat deli personel, Restaurants as cooks, servers, cleaners/janitors. To be compensated wealthily, you have to work in a bank, own your own businesses, be an officer, or soldier, or in politics. For the average workers they work at least six days a week for 40-50hrs, not in the condition that they would like, but just what they have to tolerate because there is not much better jobs available. Working doesn’t cover any medical benefits for these employees. They...

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