Jamaica: The History Of The Cuisine

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Jamaica, the Caribbean, the tropics. A destination of vacations and honeymoons for the beauty of the landscape, and the generosity of the people- and the cuisine. Some of the most unique and delicious cuisine is in the Caribbean, and specifically Jamaica, of course the most famous would be the Jamaican beef patty that has been sold everywhere.
But with influences from Spanish, British, Indian, Dutch and African explorers, the food has many twists and turns that create that unique cuisine people crave for when they stay in the country. This paper will give a creative overview of how the cuisine works and the original cuisine is affected from the climate and its geographical region in the world as well as certain equipment that is used to give the cuisine its unique flavor and presentation.

The culinary cuisine in Jamaica has heavy influences from the African, British and Spanish that took over the country at one point or another in the history of how Jamaica became an independent country in the Caribbean Sea. The country is small, as read in research only the size of Connecticut and leader in coffee exports, and in the top five for sugar cane exports worldwide. That brings the country its income besides being a tropical getaway and bringing thousands year round to eat its unique cuisine and explore its indigenous culture.
In 1494 Christopher Columbus came upon Jamaica and its indigenous people, the Arawak who crafted textile pottery and soon were wiped out when the Spaniards arrived in 1665. The Spaniards brought their religion which turned Jamaica into a Christian community as it still is today by 80%, giving them the same holidays that are celebrated in the rest of the world. On Christmas and Easter they eat the same foods, but of course with their own Caribbean twist on them all.
As each new country came and claimed Jamaica as their own, they influenced the people that were already settled on the country new food and new habits to try. Such as coffee, tea, certain herbs and spices like cinnamon, cloves and cilantro. Or new foods altogether such as grapefruits, rice, and oranges. Over the years the cultural cuisine in the country gained a large range that goes from roadside vendors that sell the traditional on-the-go snacks such as ‘patties’ or ‘sky juice’. Patties are...

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