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Jamaican Bobsled News Reports

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Mass media in today’s world is transforming before our eyes at a rate that cannot be halted. The invention of the printing press was truly the beginning of mass media. The printing press allowed for average people to not only produce newspapers, because it was now a simpler process, but also to read newspapers because the rate of literacy skyrocketed due to reading no longer being an activity just for the wealthy. Up until the television was designed word of mouth, letter and newspapers were truly only the way to receive news. Then, came the computer. Eventually newspapers decided to offer an online option via the Internet due to the easy accessibility for not only readers, but also ...view middle of the document...

The journalist in the three reports made it apparent to focus on the fact that the Jamaican team had not qualified for the Winter Olympic games since 2002 and the obstacles the team faced to get to the games from a lack of funding and lack of snow in their home country! Because the team did not preform well during the games, it is apparent that the media loves them simply because they are something different than the typical winter Olympic team. Representing the country as a whole in this one sport, and quality for the first time in 12 years is enough of a success story for the Jamaican team. As a reader, all of the coverage was refreshing simply because it was not about winning like so many of the other reports regarding the Olympics are about. The stories were all solely about the journey the team had taken to get to the games and the happiness and joy that was shown through the coaches and team members interviews.
With the content of each report only varying slightly, one must rely on the type of experience the medium provides them to determine which delivery is preferred. USA Today had less advertisement surrounding the article, making it less distracting to the eye while the online news source was crammed with them. The paper source also allowed the reader to physically hold the newspaper and have the satisfaction of turning the pages to look for articles. This results in the paper source to be a much more of a hand on experience. Although, there is a price the reader must pay for that hands on experience, because many online news sources are free, unlike printed newspaper. With the online source, if one becomes interested in the article, they also then have the ability to pull up another webpage and research more articles related to the topic. A benefit from both printed sources,...

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