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James A. Garfield As Interpreted By The Biography Written By Ira Rutkow. This Is A Critique On The Book About President Garfield Written By Ira Rutkow.

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Ira Rutkow is a clinical professor of surgery at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey who also possesses a doctorate of public health form John Hopkins University authored the book The 20th President James A. Garfield. The book was then edited by Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr. a political historian, recipient of two Pulitzer prizes and a national humanities medal. The book was published in 2006 by Henry Holt and Company, LLC. The book the 20th President James A Garfield chronicles his life and descent into presidency including the many controversies leading up to his presidency and throughout his short stent as the president followed tragically by his death.Included in the contents of the book are the Editors Note, 10 chapters, an Epilogue, Notes, Milestones, Bibliography, Acknowledgements, and an Index. Born in Orange, Ohio on November 19, 1831 James A. Garfield was one of four siblings. His father died at an early age leaving Garfield's mother to take care of the family farm and her children. As a youth Garfield had a strong dislike for politics. Throughout his education at Western Reserve Eclectic Institute and Williams College he developed a passion for speaking and through his speech making he began to grasp his ability to intrigue large crowds with his oratory. After attending Western and Williams politics began to interest him and he soon embraced abolition, attended antislavery lectures and denounced the Democratic Party. Becoming the youngest member of the Ohio Senate was a shoe horn into his political career. He was a Major General during the Civil War and resigned to help Abraham Lincoln in congress. Garfield managed the passage of the conscription bill. He was known as a radical republican because of his conflicting views with Lincoln. He helped passed the 1866 Civil Rights Act, called for the impeachment of President Andrew Johnson and passed a legislation that restricted Johnson's power as president. Not only was he a member of senate he headed many committees. There were four scandals that surrounded Garfield during his political career. As part of the Electoral College in 1876 he helped to elect Rutherford B. Hayes as president hence the Hayes Tilden Compromise of 1877. Known as the "dark horse" candidate Garfield became a presidential candidate by default. He chose a controversial cabinet despite coaxing by the Stalwarts. The Stalwarts were blamed for his attempted assassination by Charles Guiteau on July 2, 1881 although he did not die from the gunshot wound he eventually died from his medical treatment or lack thereof due to sepsis on September 19, 1981.The author provides extensive detail of James A. Garfield's transformation from being politically uninvolved to becoming a political front runner. The author offered many aspects as to the conflict within the Republican Party that caused turmoil amongst...

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