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Paaez Emami-Marand / Week 9
Vulnerability can be described as being susceptible to harm in a physical or emotional manner, and Baldwin’s vulnerability in this text can be observed in both aspects. As a Black man in America, especially in times of Jim Crow, physical harm was a daily threat, for next to nothing, except having the wrong skin color. Baldwin’s vulnerability that Mishra referenced was first observed with the relationship with his father. This relationship that was lacking a connection left Baldwin with an emotional void. His father is described as a bitter man who meant well, but was understood, and was not successful in making connections with many people, even his children. Baldwin explains, “When he took one of his children on his knee to play, the child always became fretful and began to cry; when he tried to help one of us with homework the absolutely unabating tension which emancipated from him caused our minds and our tongues to become paralyzed, so that he, scarcely knowing why, flew into a rage and the child, not knowing why, was punished” (588). His father loved his children, but just didn’t know how to express those emotions, and it ultimately came off wrong, resulting in missed connections. Baldwin claims that these missed connections caused bitterness to build up in his father, and later said that “bitterness was now his” (589).
Baldwin seemed to have a false sense of reality pertaining to his frequent trips to establishments that did not serve Black people. When critic, Pankaj Mishra described Baldwin as having social fantasies this can pertain to the idea that he ignored the fact that those White establishments did not want to serve Blacks. He described...

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