James Buchanan: Marking His Point In History

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One of the nation’s leaders. A genius. An ambassador. This human being was a strong individual. James Buchanan was one of the United States’ most inspiring presidents. His remarkable contributions were a significant mark in history, as well as his education that he received. The year 1857 to 1861 were the four years that made a mark in history.
April 23, 1791 was the day an amazing individual was born into this world that was made to change the country. James Buchanan was the second child out of his eleven brothers and sisters that was born in a log cabin near Mercersburg, Pennsylvania. His two very important parents were Elizabeth Speer Buchanan, and James Buchanan,. Some of James’ hobbies were reading books. When James was a young child, his mother taught him to read, which later influenced him to have a positive attitude toward literature. James also enjoyed studying Latin and Greek in his childhood. Later in life, President Buchanan developed an interest towards law. Unfortunately, this great leader had his life put to an end on the day of June 1, 1868 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania when he was 77 years of age from pneumonia. On the brighter side, this president made several impacts for our country in the past.
From the very beginning of his birth, James Buchanan was a natural born genius. He first attended school in Mercersburg where he grew an interest for Latin and Greek. After his early school years, James attended Dickinson College at only sixteen years old. Dickinson College was located in Carlisle, Pennsylvania where he l=planned to major in law. During Buchanan’s time in Dickinson, he was expelled in 1808 due to bad behavior while in class. Thankfully, James was forced to make a pledge of good behavior to reenter into college. Finally in 1809, James Buchanan graduated and then studied under the famous lawyer, James Hopkins. Upon graduation he also served in the War of 1812, three years later. In the war, Buchanan volunteered to defend Baltimore, Maryland against the British. Also, one of his first jobs was a lawyer, after receiving his degrees in law. Unknowingly, James Buchanan hadn’t realized what had hit him the day he became the President of the United States after becoming a lawyer.
After receiving his full education, James Buchanan was finally announced the fifteenth president of the United States on March 4, 1857 when he was inaugurated. His inauguration was a memorable time during that time period, which was held in front of the U.S. Capitol. Throughout his lifetime, James Buchanan made many contributions from treaties and changes in government, to helping the country. One of the treaties that Buchanan had contributed to was the Oregon Treaty. This treaty was a settlement of the disputes of the Oregon Territory, which in present times, were Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and parts of Montana, Wyoming, and British Columbia. The Oregon Treaty was then represented by James Buchanan, later on. Also, on December 18, 1832, James...

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