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James Clerk Maxwell Essay

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Physicist ReportJames Clerk Maxwell, known for articulating the idea of electromagnetism, was born on n June 13, 1831, in Edinburgh, Scotland. Being born into a wealthy family, Maxwell was born into a wealthy family, his father, a lawyer, and his mother, being a house wife, died when James was only eight years old. In the class room, Maxwell excelled tremendously at Edinburgh Academy and published his first academic paper, "Oval Curves" at the age of just fourteen. Unlike many scientists, James C. Maxwell saw no disagreements between his science and his religion. Being an evangelical protestant, Maxwell was mesmerized by the bible. Also, as a student, Maxwell wasn't the average "nerd" how some would say. His vigorous personality allowed him to gain the respect of all of his classmates, even the brute of the few. In the university, Maxwell took classes at sixteen years of age in physics, mathematics, and philosophy. He also began to start his own scientific research due to all of the free time he had breezing through his classes effortlessly. As time went on and James C. Maxwell grew more and more driven by mathematics and physics, he was exposed to different colleges at such a young age that his intelligence of the subjects allowed him to create and create experiments that would change our world forever. At twenty-five years old, James formulated and published his brilliant analysis of how Saturn's rings could be stable for a long time. After his time spent in college, Maxwell became a professor in London, where he also married Katherine Mary Dewar. In 1860 while a professor at Kings College, Maxwell established that each molecule of air at room temperature and pressure collides 8 billion times a second with other molecules on average. Five years later, leaving all of his notable work in London, James moved to his family home in Scotland where he proceeded with his devotion towards experiments, calculations, and writing away from the duties his professorship had involved. During this time he wrote much of "Treatise on Electricity and Magnetism", which was published in 1873. In 1871, he became Cavendish Professor at Cambridge University, where he remained until his death in 1879, at just forty-eight years old in England on November 5,...

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