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Justice for James Earl RayThe assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., the acclaimed civil rights leader, shook the world. It was hard for the American people to accept that a racist petty criminal by the name of James Earl Ray could bring an end to the life of a man so great. Perhaps the American public had a point in questioning Ray's guilt. The government and FBI investigators seemed quick to conclude that this man, Ray, was King's lone assassin (Gibbons). Though he was convicted, there is still great controversy today over whether he actually committed the heinous crime he was accused of. By the imprisonment of James Earl Ray, an innocent man, justice was not served nor can it be served until the right person or people are punished. As he did not commit the crime, and there is credible evidence that proves the murder to have actually been a government conspiracy, James Earl Ray was innocent.On April 4, 1968, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was shot and killed on his balcony of the Loraine Hotel in Memphis, Tennessee (Overbeck). There was a search put out, and a rifle with James Earl Ray's fingerprints was soon found near the crime scene (Gibbons). Weeks later, in June of that year, Ray was arrested in a foreign country with fake passports. He pled guilty to the crime in exchange for a promise by the prosecutors not to seek the death penalty. Three days later, he recanted his plea of guilt and changed his legal council. The judge, though, died with the recantation papers on his desk making Ray's recant not valid (Who Killed). He was sentenced, without a trial, to 99 years in prison. He sought a trial for more than thirty years in an attempt to prove his innocence. He was never given that much deserved trial and died in jail of liver disease in 1998 (Who Killed).There are some who argue that James Earl Ray was guilty of King's murder, and that justice was therefore done by his imprisonment. This view, however notable, is based on distorted facts that must be put into perspective. The most prominent factor of this view, perhaps, is that Ray originally pled guilty to the crime. Also, Ray's fingerprints were found on the alleged murder weapon. His plea appears, despite its following recantation, quite incriminating. Under normal circumstances, this could be enough to condemn someone, but Ray was put through extreme torment preceding his plea. Not only was he given misleading legal advice, he experienced harsh police tactics.Now, it's true that Ray pleaded guilty to the crime in 1969. It's also true that he was kept in a brightly lit cell 24 hours a day, with two armed guards and television cameras watching him until he did so. It's also true that he did so only after his mob-connected attorney told him that he would get the death penalty unless he pleaded guilty, that his father and brother would be jailed unless he pleaded guilty, and most importantly (and falsely), that he could not change his attorney until after he had pleaded...

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1987 words - 8 pages , King was assassinated in Memphis Tennessee. He was shot at the Lorraine Motel, where he was booked in room 306. Reverend Ralph Abernathy was Martin’s closest friend, and colleague. Abernathy was present at the assassination. James Earl Ray was the man who assassinated King. James Earl Ray shot King from across the street while he was standing on the balcony outside his room. Ray was charged with murder, and he confessed to the assassination on

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2384 words - 10 pages named James Earl Ray allegedly fired the shot that killed King. Yet a number of questions and contradictions offer reason to doubt the official explanation. Although he is serving time for the crime, Ray denies that he personally killed King. However, he says that he may have been partly, but unwittingly, responsible. He claims he was duped into a gunrunning scheme by a mysterious man with CIA and mafia contacts named

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629 words - 3 pages ., where he earned a divinity degree. After that King went on to earn a doctorate in theology from Boston University in 1955. King also achieved the Nobel Peace Prize in December of 1964. He was assassinated on April 4,1968, outside his motel room by James Earl Ray. While his views at the time seemed radical to many, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is remembered and respected today as a martyr of the civil rights movement and an icon of change through

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900 words - 4 pages the building with the white men while on break and when it started to rain they took shelter in one of the garbage trucks. The rain shorted out the mechanism that controlled the compactor and the men didn't have enough time to get out of the truck - they were crushed to death. On the morning of April 4, 1968, while standing on the balcony of the Lorraine Motel, Martin Luther King, Jr. was assasinated by James Earl Ray. Ray would later be caught in London, England and on March 9, 1969, he pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 99 years in prison. 3rd Monday in January - Martin Luther King Day

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2711 words - 11 pages matching James Earl Ray (an escaped convict). Later, through the investigation, agents found out Ray registered at South Main Rooming House on 4 April 1967, under the name John Willard and had got a room with a bathroom that had a view of the Lorraine Motel. When the investigators realized it was Ray, He had fled to London. On June 8, British Immigration officials detained Ray while he was preparing to board a flight to Brussels. While in an interview

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1320 words - 5 pages -1969." American Cultural History. Lone Star College-Kingwood Library, 1999. Web. 7 Feb. 2011. Lad, Kashmira. "Famous African American Poets." Buzzle Web Portal: Intelligent Life on the Web. 2011. Web. 05 Apr. 2011. . Ray, James Earl. "1960s History including Popular Culture, Events, Cost of Living, Technology and Inventions." Where People, History and Memories Join Together from The People History Site. 2004. Web. 06 Apr. 2011. .

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784 words - 3 pages when he was assassinated. Dr. King was shot in the neck while standing on the balcony of the Lorraine Motel and died 2 hours later in Memphis, Tennessee on April 4, 1968. Martin was in Memphis to help lead a protest for workers with low wages. James Earl Ray was arrested in London, England on June 8, 1968, and returned to Memphis, Tennessee on July 19, 1969 to stand trial for the assassination of Dr. King. On March 9, 1969, before coming to trial

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1014 words - 5 pages gives the viewer a sense of hope and enthusiasm of one’s dream. “"There is a magic about it, you have to be there to feel the magic" (Kinsella 98). Works Cited Field of Dreams. Dir. Phil A. Robinson. Perf. Kevin Costner, James Earl Jones, Ray Liotta. Universal Pictures, 1989. DVD. Kinsella, W. P. Shoeless Joe. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1982. Print. Petrie, Dennis W., and Joseph M. Boggs. The Art of Watching Films. Dubuque: McGraw-Hill Companies, 2012. Print.

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597 words - 2 pages able to eat carrots together, and not fight. His dream did come true.Martin Luther King Junior was assasinated April 4th, 1968 by James Earl Ray. James Earl Ray died 1998 at age seventy. Lacking evidence to back up his government conspiracy theory, Ray remained in prison, where he was serving a 99-year term. James Earl Ray was also a High school drop-out,an army throw-away, and a theif. He managed to make an almost clean getaway- but not before

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