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James Fenimore Cooper Essay

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Reading long fiction novels never get old. James Fenimore Cooper life of moving to Lake Otsego and his father being a writer add to the stories he wrote. James early life led him into writing, which then led him into writing some of the bet book for is era and for those reasons plenty of people have analyzed his work.
James Fenimore Cooper lived a great life. James Fenimore was born in September 15, 1789, in Burlington, New Jersey, to a political view writer William and Elizabeth Cooper (Heller). In 1790 when James was thirteen months old his family moved to the wilderness of the southern shore of Otsego Lake in Northern New York (Rosenblum). Cooper went to the local academy there in ...view middle of the document...

Other books that were also known for frontier adventures were The Pioneer, The Pathfinder, The Prairie, and The Deerslayer (Charles). Those novels made up “The Leatherstocking Tales” and were the most known books (Heller). In the books he is most famous for writing one main character and that was Natty Bumppo (Heller).Then later he wrote Miles Wallingford and The Chainbearer which talked about a conflict between the landholding and the property less classes in the state of New York. Which showed, what he believed in during the conflict (James). These books also so showed his defense to property (James). Not only was Mr. Cooper a well-known author but, he also took pride in the stories and main character he created in the American frontier.

James Cooper’s book in “The Leatherstocking Tales” was some of the worst to read. It failed to attract the reader and to also the reader’s attention (Headsman 200). After the first book in the “The Leatherstocking Tales” Mr. Cooper’s produce had gotten worse and worse in every book (Last 196). Then on the other hand he can describe to setting very well in the “The Leatherstocking Tales” (Cooper’s 197). Mr. Cooper’s disruption of nature in the books was very realistic of the American landscape and makes you felt like you’re there (Cooper’s 197). That when you read the books you will just fall into the books and never be lost in detail (Kincheloe).
Mr. Cooper’s best book out all of them would have to be The Last of the Mohicans (James). The Last of the Mohicans is the most popular and is still learned today in schools (Cooper’s 197). The Last of the Mohicans is one of the most epic stories that you will also read (Charles). But then others think that The Last of the Mohicans is the worst of Mr. Cooper’s books (Last 196). Mr. Cooper did not put all his effort into that book like he did with all the other books we wrote (Headsman 200). Mr. Cooper slacked him himself...

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