James Frey, Oprah And A Million Little Pieces Case Study

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"Veterans Affairs Head Robert McDonald Lied About Serving in Special Forces" - Katie Pavlich | Feb 24, 2015 Lying is not really newsworthy, it happens every day. The problem to be investigated by this essay is WHY individuals deliberately say things that are not true. This problem relates to the basic virtue of honesty. In the book, Business Ethnics, the author Jennings (2009) has identified various categories of ethical dilemmas one of which being, Saying Things You Know Are Not True. This paper examines the ethical dilemma of honesty by analyzing Case 2.10, James Frey, Oprah and A Million Little Pieces. The analysis of the case focus on the qualities of truth and lessons learned in decision making and conduct.
The case, James Frey, Oprah and A Million Little Pieces, is a prime example how an individual’s actions can conflict with the basic virtue of honesty. In this case, the results of the Smoking Gun’s investigations of James Frey memoirs depicted in the book, A Million Little Pieces, revealed that facts were embellished. Oprah’s initial reaction to the quality of the truth was to believe that Frey’s actions were just. Despite Frey’s admission of inflating events, Ms. Winfrey felt that because the important facts were true then he was being truthful (Jennings, 2009). Ms. Winfrey only begin to question Frey’s actions after was a public objection to his behavior (Jennings, 2009). Oprah’s ethnic dilemma was to believe or not to believe Frey when his moral standards were in question by the public. However, Oprah’s final decision on how to react to Frey’s behavior was influenced by the impact his ethical breach had on her constituency and her responsibilities as a business owner. According to Jennings, when meeting the responsibilities of a business, such responsibility may require corporations to find a solution in a manner that is consistent with the moral principles of the outside (Jennings, 2009). Jennings (2009) also believes that, “the proper resolution to ethical dilemmas is based upon weighing the competing factors at the moment and then making a determination to take the lesser of the evils as the resolution” (p. 8). In this case, Oprah’s approach to solving this issue was to weigh the competing factors - Frey’s embellishments versus public negative reaction - then make a decision based on the lesser of the evils. The resolution was to take the side of her constituencies and chastise Frey for his misrepresentation of facts.
After finding the resolution, the next...

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