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James Garfield, One Of The Least We Have Known Presidents In Our History

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The 20th president of the United States was James Garfield, was one of the few presidents that were assassinated. He was born in Orange Township, Ohio, on November 19, 1831. Garfield’s father died when he was a young child, barely old enough to walk. Garfield served in congress 9 times; he arose through the ranks in military to become a general just before he ran for president in 1881. He was a very smart child his favorite studies were Latin and Greek. He was extremely smart. After he finished school he returned to Eclectic institute, he was an instructor and administrator. In his free time he talked in public to help support to the Republican Party. He soon met and married Lucretia ...view middle of the document...

Blaine, Abraham Lincoln’s son, the secretary of state. He worked with the son of Abraham Lincoln!
James was a self-made man; he grew up in poverty, with his dad dead at the age of 2. His mother did all she could to try and provide for her 3 sons, James was the youngest of the 3. Yet they still grew up very poor. He was a hardworking man; he drove a boat up and down the river when he turned 16. He was working on the canal boats while he was gone and he managed to fall overboard, he was sent back home to recover from a nasty fever and while he was recovering he vowed to make it farther in this world using more brains that brawn. Later on he joined the army in the civil war. He joined as a union officer and slowly worked his way up to a general. He felt that slavery was unjust; he wanted to end all the slavery and fight for a cause he strongly believed in. He did not like the South’s succession from the union. He was extremely enthusiastic about using the military. Even though I don’t personally think this does with his vow to succeed in life with brains more than brawns it worked out for him and helped him in his run for presidency. He said “"I am inclined to believe that the sin of...

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