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James Gatz’s Past Essay

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Jay Gatsby, born as James Gatz, had an incredible talent of always having hope. Is it because of his past experiences, or does it come naturally for him? Upon a closer look into Gatsby’s life, it’s almost clear that he’s always looked forward to something better. However, Nick also states that you’ll never find the attribute in someone besides Gatsby. In the end, does Gatsby’s hope come naturally, or is it because of his life experiences?
Jay Gatsby had many life changing events. Starting with being born on a farm, he decided he wanted to live a better life. Gatsby ran away from home, and by chance, on a stormy day, he saw a ship that was getting hammered by waves. He rowed a paddle boat up alongside the ship, and boarded it. This was when he stumbled upon Dan Cody, a wealthy man, who also enjoyed his alcohol. This is when James Gatz became Jay Gatsby. He spent many years on Dan Cody’s boat, and learned how to act like a wealthy gentlemen. When Dan Cody died, Gatsby was expecting to get a sum of money; however, legalities stopped him from claiming it. Now Gatsby was a rich man without any money.
Gatsby decided to fight in the war, as he didn’t have anything else to look forward to. Before going off into the war, he met Daisy at a house party. In uniform, Gatsby appeared as if he had money because of the way he acted. Gatsby and Daisy fell in love, and Gatsby went off to fight in the war. Daisy fell in love with another man, and the night before her wedding, she received a letter from Gatsby. Daisy wanted to refuse to marry Tom, the man she fell in love with, but decided to go through with it anyway.
Years later, Gatsby had finally made enough money to start looking for Daisy again. Gatsby finds a mansion across the bay from Daisy’s home, and buys it. Gatsby throws many parties, hoping that one day Daisy would show up. However,...

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