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James Gleeson - Creation of Eve, 1980 - Task 8The painting "Creation of Eve" by James Gleeson illustrates what seems to be bones disseminated around the painting. It was influenced by the story of Adam and Eve; particularly the way it was told in Genesis of the Old Testament the way God created Eve, the first women, from one of the ribs of the first man, Adam to be his companion". The quote contributes to the idea of the painting as it symbolises the bones and parts with the creation of Eve.The composition of the painting was constructed using charcoal, pastel and water colours. Line is used in the painting to define the bones. Visually the texture is matte and uneven. Through the use of browns and whites shaded together, it creates a dull and dusty scenery. The lightness and darkness of the browns and whites contribute to the dullness.The construction of the bones and where it is positioned; closely together creates balance in the painting. The painting very much creates harmony as the colours combined are similar creating the same dull and dusty feeling. When visualising the painting, it can be seen that the bones are not actually connected but overlapped by each other making the focal point easy to follow with the eye which creates unity.Gleesons work usually delves in a religious subject matter which is the same in this case. The painting is influenced by the Adam and Eve story told in Genesis.The way the Creation of Eve was composed using Visual Language creates a dull atmosphere/mood. Although this may be the case, it also gives a feeling of beginning. The dullness gives a feeling as if there is nothing and the puzzled bones which will create Eve, creates beginning.Victory Girls, 1943 - Task 7 - Albert TuckerVictory Girls by Albert Tucker is viewed as a strange portrait that illustrates four corpses in a shadowy and mysterious setting. Based on the date stated, 1943, the painting is based during World War 2. During this time Australia was experiencing social change in society regarding women e.g women received the right to vote in Federal and Parliamentary elections. Victory Girls reflect these changes in the women in Australian society by portraying them as more free, more promiscuous (as they are viewed to be half naked). Albert Tucker is very much influenced by the patients he attended to in Heidenburg Military Hospital where he spent most of his time working during WW2. His painting is influenced by the mental illnesses and physical disabilities suffered by the patients as a result of war. This is evident in the painting as it is reflected through the death corpse's demented smiles and sliced noses. These are symbolic meanings of the horror and madness of the war but it also reflects Tucker's social realist, surrealist and expressionistic style. The crescent shaped mouth could be said to be Tucker's trademark, he uses it as it symbolises the idea of modern evil.Victory Girls reflect the social and political idea of Australia during the...

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