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James Is Dope Essay

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In the modern world the economic structure is believed to help lead to peace and prosperity to all nations. It is stated that though Interdependent economies, when economies become dependent upon trade from foreign nations, and Globalization, the act in which nations begin to integrate their ideas and concepts with one another, war and conflict can be mitigated. War is mitigated through the two phenomena due to the growing trade between nations that demands for nations to agree and play nicely with one another in order to continue this trade. This is additionally seen through the effects that a lack of trade causes on the nations. But conflicts do not seem to be effected in a meaningful way ...view middle of the document...

The results were not good as many countries were unable to get out of the depression. Instead the Keynesian economic system proposed through Bretton woods, which struck a middle ground in which trade was uninhibited so long as it was not detrimental to the country in which cause the government would take control. With this formation that was based around trade countries were able to increase their capital wealth. Additionally countries like China, Japan, and Taiwan were able to exponentially increase their wealth thanks to innovative ways of devaluing there currency and making their goods cheaper and more desirable to consumers. Smith states that this is due to the invisible hand of the market that naturally allows for countries to gain in their wealth so long as they agree to free trade. The result is clear trade allows for increases in wealth. If that is so then it must be something that is viewed well by nations so they would agree to do so.
If trade is so important than nations will do anything to keep it. It follows logically that when something helps you, you should continue with it. This is especially true since the alternative, a mercantilist economy, does not seem to allow for vast economic growth as seen by the Great Depression. The goal then is to maintain trade. The only way to do this is to create peace or a lack of war. Conflicts, as we will see, are common do not effect trading. War and its after effects cause damages to countries and their economies. These damages can completely destroy an economy. In the postwar periods Europe and its economies were completely ruined and needed time to restore themselves. The goal of a country is to keep their economies as strong as possible so this war is counterintuitive to them for two reasons then. Firstly your trade partners may no longer possess the ability to trade with you since you have ruined their economies. Secondly if you have the habit of going to war other nations will not trade with you. Logically you wouldn’t want to trade with someone if the goods you give them have the possibility of hurting you in the end. But since the world is Interdependent, if one nation crashes due to war then inevitably all other nations will have economic troubles since trade partners that were once helping build up your economy will no longer have the ability to support you. Hence the markets will all go into a depression. Due to globalization the concepts and ideas that are being interwoven around the world due to this trade will inevitably lead to the nations of the world to view the agitator negatively since they have caused a depression in the market. If this is the case then other nations will turn against these aggressive nations. This can lead to the agitator being attacked by the other nations of the world, like the leagues nations considered doing in these situations, which would crush its economy. Additionally the other nations may simple agree not to trade with the aggressor since they...

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