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Joyce was born on February 2, 1882 in Dublin, Ireland, and he was raised in a Roman Catholic dominant family with his mother being a successful pianist and his father being a failure at holding a stable household. However, his father was an impressive singer. Joyce was an intelligent and motivated child, so he was able to teach himself Norwegian and other languages. Therefore, he was able to read and analyze many plays that no other monolingual person could. Some books he read as a child greatly influenced his writing later on. For example, after reading “The Adventures of Ulysses”, a children's version of “The Odyssey”. Joyce's role model soon became Odysseus which he later framed his most famous novel, “The Ulysses”, after “The Odyssey” during his writing career. Accordingly, his parents observed his intelligence and forced him to get an education at Clogowes Wood College. Later, he attended Belvedere College, and the Royal University in Dublin. Joyce later moved to Paris to study medicine, but moved back to Ireland when his mother became ill. Eventually, he met his first wife, Nora Barnacle, and published his first story in the Irish Homestead magazine. This didn't keep Joyce in Ireland, so he migrated across the Mediterranean as a foreign languages teacher. Eventually Joyce published his first book, “Dubliners”, in 1914, and “A Portrait of the Artist As A Young Man” in 1916. Later, Joyce published “Ulysses” which was set on the same day Joyce and Nora got married, June 16, 1904. After his success with “Ulysses”, Joyce and his family settled in Paris, and he published “Finnegan's Wake” in 1939. Afterwords, World War 2 broke out and the family had to flee to Zürich. At last, Joyce died from a failed intestinal operation, thus ending his legacy in 1942(Joyce Biography.com) James Joyce was a highly distinguished author among British Literature. He used symbolism, motifs, and innovative themes to write his novels. In “A Portrait of the Artist, Joyce underlines the novel with various motifs that can be seen in the background. Some main examples are music, flight, and religion. In “Dubliners”, it's alluded with the constant desire to escape from Ireland and pursue a better life, but that desire always never comes true. James Joyce was one of the most profound authors in British Literature.
One of James Joyce's most notable works is “Ulysses” which was published February 2nd, 1922. The story is divided in to 18 episodes and it follows the life of Stephen Daedalus and Leopold Bloom on a day in Dublin in June 16, 1904. Leopold Bloom is Jewish business person, and Stephen, ironically a main character from “A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man”, is a school teacher. The two characters cross upon each other a lot, but they don't actually encounter each other till the end of the story. The main thing about Ulysses is that it highly symbolizes Homer's Odyssey. Coincidentally, each episode mirrors a tale in the Odyssey. One similarity is that...

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1298 words - 5 pages into that other world, in full glory of some passion, than fade and wither dismally with age" (Broadview 116), it is too late for these Markans' party attendees, for everyone is already dead.Works CitedAnspaugh, Kelly. ""Three mortal hour/i~s": female Gothic in Joyce's "The Dead." - James Joyce". Studies in Short Fiction. Wntr 1994. 02 Apr. 2007. Joyce, James. "The Dead." Broadview Anthology of Short Fiction. Ed. Julia Gaunce and Suzette Mayr. Toronto, ON: Broadview Press, 2004. 89-116.Mepham, John. "Stream of Consciousness." The Literary Encyclopedia. 17 Oct. 2003. The Literary Dictionary Company. 2 April 2007.

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