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James Monroe Essay

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James Monroe was the President of The United States of America from 1817-1921 and he was re-elected in 1921 without opposition; he retired in 1825.
James Monroe was born in September, 1759, in the county of Westmoreland,
in the then Colony of Virginia, and at the time of the Declaration of Independence,
was in the process of completing his education at the college of William & Mary.
He was then seventeen years of age, and at the first formation of the American
Army entered it as a cadet.
(The Lives of James Madison and James Monroe: Fourth & Fifth Presidents of the
United States By John Quincy Adams Chp 5)
He was one of the first members of Congress 1783-1786 and after that he was elected a member of the Legislature of Virginia and a member of the Executive Council. . He lived his life on this earth during the years of 1758-1831.
Tremendous national unity and pride was caused by his ...view middle of the document...

In his Annual Message to Congress, Dec. 2, 1823, he announced his belief that Congress did possess the power of appropriating money for the construction of a canal to connect together the waters of Chesapeake and the Ohio (the jurisdiction remaining to the States through which the canal would pass.)
(The Lives of James Madison and James Monroe: Fourth and Fifth Presidents of
The United States. By John Quincy Adams Chp 5, page 287)
The Monroe Doctrine was formatted at the end of his second term of office.
The Monroe Doctrine was hardly a doctrine, and it certainly did not originate with James Monroe. It was not really a doctrine because United States could not enforce it, and the idea of New World quarantine did not spring from the Monroe Administration but from the British government.
(My Fellow Americans: Presidential Addresses That Shaped History. Pg 27)
Probably had no idea of the lasting effect of the “Monroe Doctrine.” This idea was taken from writings of earlier statement.
Thomas Jefferson in his letter to Monroe on October 26, 1823 bears out the fact that it was not Monroe’s idea alone, but the consensus of opinion of many of the great minds of Monroe’s time.
(The Monroe Doctrine: also, Jefferson’s Letter to Monroe. James Monroe/Thomas Jefferson.)
A depression fell during his administration, known as the Panic of 1819. Domestic policymaking was affected, particularly the banishing slavery in Missouri.
On March 4, 1825, James Monroe’s presidency ended. When his wife died in 1830 he moved to New York City to live with his daughter. He passed away, July4, 1831.
The growth of United States as a top influential country in the world was under his leadership.
Many places and institutions were named after him. Also, a unit of currency featuring him was made.
James Monroe dared to do difficult acts and therefore accomplished great feats. James Monroe is an example of what a brave leader can do.

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