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James Morgan Essay

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Research Essay
A heart felt tragedy and a whimsical comedy, looking past the fictional aspects of fairies and extreme use of over melodramatic language, both works are held by a factual anchor. Both Romeo and Juliet and A Midsummer’s Night Dream were written by Shakespeare and takes place in the Elizabethan Era. His writing has always been known to reflect the culture of the time period in which he wrote. Both stories are historically accurate to a large extent due to his characters, allusions, and how he illustrates the settings.
The setting of Romeo and Juliet is historically accurate by which violence and hostility between families rampaged through Italy at the time. For instance, as ...view middle of the document...

On the other hand, Shakespeare used allusions to relate to the time era present in his plays through the characterization of people in the play. To illustrate, as quoted, “ Titania, as the queen fairies in A Midsummer’s Night Dream could be, at some degree, identified with Queen Elizabeth.” (Women in Shakespeare’s comedies 4). The source explains how Titania, in A Midsummer’s Night Dream, is an indirect allusion to Queen Elizabeth. Shakespeare made allusions much like this all the time to show the time era that he wrote in. The quotes relevancy lies in the fact that if it is an allusion that helps the reader to relate to what he is writing about. Similarly, said in the text, “About Titania, we learn from the play that she is a married women, and she has an authority like attitude like Queen Elizabeth.” (Women in Shakespeare’s comedies 1). Quoting from the source, you see how Shakespeare’s allusion to Queen Elizabeth paints a picture of the Elizabethan Era and how women acted. Titania is shown to be a married women just as women in society were back then. Women’s first priority in that time period was to get married so Shakespeare put in the allusion of Titania. Shakespeare uses allusions to his characters throughout his plays to explain the time era present and show what it was like. By looking at his writing, history can be retold in vivid color.
Thanks to Shakespeare’s complex writing, his characters conform to cultural belief s at the time through their actions and ideals. For example, as proven by the source, “Family is an important concern in almost all of Shakespeare’s plays and is central to many of them.”(Internet Shakespeare Editions 1). As stated in the quote, Shakespeare used family interactions and relationships in lots of his plays. Many of these relationships play key roles in his plays. Families born in that time were said to have acted much like they been seen through the eyes of the beholder, Shakespeare. Besides relating to the belief that family was an important aspect of Shakespeare’s writing, the quote also extends the knowledge of why his characters act as they would back then. In another way, as...

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