James Vance Marshall Based His Novel Walkabout On This.In This Novel

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James Vance Marshall based his novel walkabout on this.In this novel
Mary the eldest of the two children is a very complicated and interesting


Two American Children were stranded in the middle of the Australian
desert due to an airplane crash.

The children were stranded all by themselves or so they thought.

The only reason they survived is because they met an aborigine boy.

James Vance Marshall based his novel walkabout on this.

In this novel Mary the eldest of the two children is a very
complicated and interesting character. Throughout the novel we have
very different reactions towards her and is one to whom we respond
with a variety of different emotions.

Before Mary and Peter meet the bushboy, Mary is the leader. She
decides where they are going and what they are doing. There is a lot
of responsibility being passed on to Mary as at thirteen she has to
look after young Peter.

I admire her for willingly taking control of both their fates. I feel
this way because they are marooned in the middle of nowhere.

Mary and Peters luck picks up when they meet a bushboy. When this
happens everything changes including Mary.

Mary was quite scared of the bushboy because he was black and naked.
She felt uncomfortable around the black boy and didn’t go anywhere
near him. At this point in the story I am interested in the way Mary
reacts to meeting the bushboy. She is very scared when the bushboy
starts his inspection on her. I am interested in this because Mary’s
whole character has been changed. For instance before the bushboy she
was calm and didn’t show she was scared, bur when they met the bushboy

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