Jamestown And Massachusetts Bay Colonies Essay

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Jamestown and Massachusetts Bay colonies In the early seventeenth century, England sent batches of colonizers to the "New Worl

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March 12, 2010

Jamestown and Massachusetts Bay Colonies

Jamestown and Massachusetts Bay colonies in the early seventeenth century, England sent batches of colonizers to the "New World" to set up permanent colonies. They founded the Massachusetts Bay Colony and the Virginia Colony. Jamestown was founded by adventurers and merchants searching for profit from their settlement. Massachusetts on the other hand was founded by Puritans searching for autonomy from the England Church. The Puritans occupied the northern parts, in New England, while the Virginia Company occupied the southern regions.

On the contrary, Jamestown settlers practiced commercial farming and profited immensely from their tobacco and wheat farming and relied on slaves to provide labor. Jamestown had established the booming crop of tobacco and permitted most settlers in Jamestown to plant it. In fact Jamestown offered a better opportunity than the Massachusetts Bay Colony since it was the start of a democracy and the foundation for the country. Even though the two first colonies were comparable, they also had very distinctive differences. First, the Jamestown colony was established nearly twenty two years before the Massachusetts Bay colony. In addition, the Massachusetts Bay colony was recognized as being principally Puritan, while the Jamestown colony was by and large The Church of England.

Second, Jamestown, following its establishment provided more opportunities to occupiers than Massachusetts Bay Colony by permitting numerous religions, freedom of speech, and more worker rights (Berkin 16). In Massachusetts, the Puritans who also had a charter from England occupied most of the area. Both settlements had their have and have-nots. While Massachusetts Bay Colony promoted the church greatly, Jamestown on the other hand promoted work over religion. Although the Jamestown settlers were entrepreneurs, they had problems at first because the colonists were frequently wealthy Englishmen, and were disinclined to work, while the Massachusetts Bay colony settlers were regularly...

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