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Jan Nirgo On Feminism Essay

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Prejudice against women appear in so many places, even in place we would not have expected prejudice.Aristotle's idea that the male is by nature superior and female inferior; Biblical statement of fall down Eden blamed on Eve. St Augustine and other religions leaders dictating that women are spiritually weak, sensual creatures that tempt men away from spiritual truths; Darwin's theory that sees women as a past lower state of civilization.Many people our society looks to as intelligent or as morally guiding still have succumb to short-sightedness when they try to explain women. Society followed these people on history that thought female are inferior because they were authority figures. However in the 20th century, women struggled against this idea and wanted to support the idea that men and women are equal. This was a world wide movement. One of the New Zealand artists who participated in the feminist movement in New Zealand was Jan Nigro. Usually Feminism is against the painting of woman as a sexual object."For me as an artist, the human figure remains constant as the greatest and most lasting source of inspiration." - Jan Nigro.One of her works called Bathers. She focuses on their vulnerability to the possibly hasty intentions of men. "It's a theme that Nigro has returned to again and again..." The two human figure looks like have been cut and paste on the landscape which lacks detail. They do not cast any shadows on the landscape and even little details on the body are missing. The head is faceless, the arms are missing. Nigro shows us what lustful men would see in women, which are not her parts of the body which serve as widows to soul. "I didn't use models, wanting to capture the sheer exuberance of living." The bright red sky as well as the dark ground conflicts with the bright of the body enhance the feeling of alarms it is very dramatic. Jan Nigro feeds us the idea that something is brewing while they bath innocently by saying, "The guileless bather becomes the girl; the girls becomes desire; the flower becomes love play until the encounter finally destroys." Since we know someone watching them we wish we would call out to them and inform them of this danger but we can not and we are left with this feeling of hopelessness again the possible crime. In this picture Nigro makes a statement of unjustness against women for the body.She also carried on with this theme in the "Haast Bridge Series". Nigro created this picture response to a recent murder, about this time there was an English school teacher, Jennifer Beard, whose body was found under Haast Bridge. She was hitchhiking in the local area when she was raped and murdered. Her killer has never been found. One of her typical pieces from: Haast Bridge series" is one about half meter squared divided into five different images. By grouping all these images into one piece she suggests narrative between them. She used various grades of pencil...

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