Jane Austen: An Exceptional And Inspirational Writer

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Jane Austen was an exceptional novelist during the Regency Era. She wrote about situations that were inspired from her everyday life. She was also a very innovative writer; she helped to shape new ways of writing during her lifetime. Jane Austen was very close to her large family, especially her sister Cassandra. Through examining Jane’s relationships, dynamics of her writing, and novels themselves, we will be able to have a much broader understanding of Jane.
Firstly, Jane’s relationships were a very large part of her life. It is likely that Jane was arranged to marry Harris Bigg-Wither, a 21-year-old heir from a Hampshire family, but the following day Jane changed her mind. There are also many conflicting stories that cause one to believe Jane was very much in love with someone, but he died soon after. Due to her novels being so engrossed with love and matrimony, they help to bring about much information of Jane’s relationships. Brian C. Southam speaks of Jane’s works saying, “Since Austen’s novels are so deeply concerned with love and marriage, there is some point in attempting to establish the facts of these relationships.” (Jane Austen 4) She also had many personal letters that were thought to have much information of her personal life. However, Jane’s sister-whom she was very close to- cared deeply about keeping her personal life private and destroyed the remaining letters after her death. But even still, Jane’s novels bring much of her personal life forward.
Secondly, Jane’s dynamic of writing was very interesting. Jane was much of an observer. She was the first writer to center her work on the humor of family life in the province. Through her writing she highlighted the broad spectrum of emotions and disciplines that come with everyday family life. She treated her topics with an ironic and aloof attitude. James R. Farr examines Jane’s writing dynamic saying, “She was the first novelist to focus on the trivial comedy of provincial family life, through which she examined the perplexities of emotion and...

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