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Jane Austen And Social Status Essay

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Jane Austen essay outline
Jane Austen, the English novelist, often spoke of what living under social classes was like with the status of women and their class during her time in the nineteenth century. Miss Austen's novels all outlined this common link, during which she shows how it affects other peoples views of one another with respect.
The upper class did not work, and contained some of the oldest families, in which most were titled aristocrats. Most of the income was received upon birth and came from inherited lands and investments. The middle class was formed by most of the population. It was also full of well respected men and women. Men performed work that didn't require hard labor such as mental skills or “clean” work and were paid monthly or annually depending on their work in society such as doctors, lawyers and clerks etc. The under class was also called the working class. The men and women who worked in this social class performed physically hard labor and received daily or weekly wages. Some of their jobs were carpenters, sailors, domestic staff and even mine workers.
Social classes ultimately consist of the status of people based on titles, wealth and connections. However, the different levels represented levels of power and influence. The levels determined how he or she lived their life. Rank determined social class, even everything a person did or spoke of reflected upon that person or even the way of life within the community. The levels of the classes were very distinct. In Jane Austen's novel's she focused mostly on the middle class. This reflects with Miss Austen's personal life too because she was not well off. Jane Austen was not at all rich, at one point in time after her father had died, her sister, mother and herself had to rely on family to support them. Most women didn't have the means to support themselves in the nineteenth century, considering the lower social class compared to the middle class. Even comparing the upper class to the middle class showed drastic changes between wealth and respect towards others. Austen created this in her stories reflecting the life and social status of her time. When owning a property it showed a open knowledge of wealth because not everyone could own a piece of property. The men and women who worked for those people on the property were considered lower class.
Jane Austen was an outspoken feminist born into the nineteenth century on December 16th, 1775. During Miss Austen's lifetime in 1780, Madame Rowland(1754-1793) hosting a important salon where revolutionary thinkers and politicians debate during the French Revolution. Rowland was an outspoken feminist, she pressed for woman's political rights. She was later executed in November of 1793, allegedly for treason. Men during this time tried to supress women from being outspoken or attempting to make themselves equal. In Jane Austen's book Pride and Prejudice, Elizabeth Bennet was an outspoken woman who was looked down upon...

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