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Jane Eyre Book Report For Engl3301 River Ridge High School Book Report

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Ross Byrd
October 3rd
English 3300
Paper 1
Jane Eyre
This paper is based on our novel Jane Eyre, which is a coming of age novel so to speak about a young English female’s struggles told through the writing of Charlotte Brontë. This work of art has filled its audience with minds of hope, love, and even deception for many years. Those thoughts surround human beings, not just girls, regularly, as though we are in an endless cycle from birth to death. As ladies and men, in addition, fall into this spiral of life they start to discover their authentic beings at the side of the features of others. This spiral then turns into a web of conflicts as the passenger of existence proceeds and frequently those conflicts are as a result of the ones sought out to be publications via the adventure of existence but merely are spiders building a dazzling web to catch its prey. In Jane Eyre, Brontë uses the literary elements of plot and person to convey the subject matter that someone regularly falls in love with a manipulator due to the fact she has little reports of different forms of love and as a result, she has to set up her personal integrity.
I chose to use Susan Civale’s article to compare Jane Eyre to due to the fact that Civale was responsible for writing a “neo-Victorian” version of the 1847 original Jane Eyre. I feel that because she was able to reinvent the characters as well as the ending it spoke to a plethora of different audiences. It not only expanded the audience of the book but seems to change the perception of certain topics or issues that would go beyond your domestic everyday dilemmas and looks at the past writing as a chance to connect with and dissect the structure of a book with such a storied history. It also goes to show the importance of how an author can shape a plot or the reader's conclusions simply by adding a nugget of information that gives us insight on what that specific character's motivation or goal may truly be. In the following paragraphs, I will attempt to give you an in-depth analysis of the novel Jane Eyre, and the importance of what character traits or topics of importance does Brontë cover with Jane Eyre. Although it was somewhat difficult to connect the Civale article to the book and I don’t completely agree with the author’s points of view with every specific case or character, I feel like these examples do the best job explaining why Brontë’s writing is essential to drawing overall conclusions on the significance of the story and how it can be connected to current issues or personal experiences for the reader.
Brontë makes use of the man or woman detail of reviews to reveal how a few human beings regularly shaped conclusions approximately others and explicit them of their mind as either cruel or friendly. seeing that Brontë bases Jane Eyre as tale instructed through a young female the reader is authorized to experience her thoughts and reactions to those around her who make her very personality. As Jane is in her...

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