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The S&P CNX 500 is India’s first broad based benchmark of the Indian capital market. The S&P CNX 500 represents about 95.78% of the free float market capitalization and about 95.37% of the total turnover on the NSE as on December 30, 2011.

The S&P CNX 500 companies are disaggregated into 71 industry indices viz. S&P CNX Industry Indices. Industry weightages in the index reflect the industry weightages in the market. For e.g. if the banking sector has a 5% weightage in the universe of stocks traded on NSE, banking stocks in the index would also have an approx. Representation of 5% in the index.

Method of Computation
S&P CNX 500 is computed using free float market capitalization* weighted ...view middle of the document...

S&P CNX 500 S&P CNX 500
Historical values for Jan 2000 Historical values for Jan 2001
Date Close Price Date Close Price
30-Dec-99 1205.00 29-Dec-00 912.85
03-Jan-00 1291.55 01-Jan-01 907.75
04-Jan-00 1335.45 02-Jan-01 922.00
05-Jan-00 1303.80 03-Jan-01 929.10
06-Jan-00 1306.60 04-Jan-01 946.75
07-Jan-00 1276.30 05-Jan-01 962.75
% change 5.917012 % change 5.466396

S&P CNX 500 S&P CNX 500
Historical values for Jan 2002 Historical values for Jan 2003
31-Dec-01 700.60 31-Dec-02 772.85
01-Jan-02 698.90 01-Jan-03 777.15
02-Jan-02 704.50 02-Jan-03 775.95
03-Jan-02 712.90 03-Jan-03 773.95
04-Jan-02 727.50 06-Jan-03 771.15
07-Jan-02 731.25 07-Jan-03 771.20
% change 4.374822 % change -0.213496

S&P CNX 500 S&P CNX 500
Historical values for Jan 2004 Historical values for Jan 2005
31-Dec-03 1531.35 31-Dec-04 1804.90
01-Jan-04 1562.95 03-Jan-05 1834.75
02-Jan-04 1609.30 04-Jan-05 1831.30
05-Jan-04 1616.20 05-Jan-05 1769.20
06-Jan-04 1587.40 06-Jan-05 1741.10
07-Jan-04 1579.65 07-Jan-05 1758.05
% change 3.154080 % change -2.595712

S&P CNX 500 S&P CNX 500
Historical values for Jan 2006 Historical values for Jan 2007
30-Dec-05 2459.20 29-Dec-06 3295.05
02-Jan-06 2464.25 02-Jan-07 3323.10
03-Jan-06 2502.55 03-Jan-07 3342.70
04-Jan-06 2522.55 04-Jan-07 3327.90
05-Jan-06 2525.40 05-Jan-07 3325.30
06-Jan-06 2537.30 08-Jan-07 3286.90
% change 3.175830 % change -0.247341

S&P CNX 500 S&P CNX 500
Historical values for Jan 2008 Historical values for Jan 2009
31-Dec-07 5354.70 31-Dec-08 2295.75
01-Jan-08 5384.55 01-Jan-09 2361.20
02-Jan-08 5437.80 02-Jan-09 2380.40
03-Jan-08 5442.20 05-Jan-09 2433.50
04-Jan-08 5502.60 06-Jan-09 2431.25
07-Jan-08 5500.15 07-Jan-09 2271.40
% change 2.716305 % change -1.060656

S&P CNX 500 S&P CNX 500
Historical values for Jan 2010 Historical values for Jan 2011
31-Dec-09 4329.10 31-Dec-10 4940.95
04-Jan-10 4367.65 03-Jan-11 4967.30
05-Jan-10 4416.05 04-Jan-11 4957.10
06-Jan-10 4422.65 05-Jan-11 4903.10
07-Jan-10 4411.55 06-Jan-11 4865.05
08-Jan-10 4405.30 07-Jan-11 4750.75
% change 1.760181 % change -3.849462

S&P CNX 500
Historical values for Jan 2012
30-Dec-11 3597.75
02-Jan-12 3602.50
03-Jan-12 3700.80
04-Jan-12 3695.05
05-Jan-12 3696.15
06-Jan-12 3694.80
% change 2.697519


Year % change
2000 5.917012
2001 5.466396
2002 4.374822
2003 -0.213496
2004 3.154080
2005 -2.595712
2006 3.175830
2007 -0.247341
2008 2.716305
2009 -1.060656
2010 1.760181
2011 -3.849462
2012 2.697519
Total Return 21.295480
Average Return 1.638113834
The figures with negative returns are highlighted


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