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As mention in the textbook, Adolescence, in recent times text messaging has become the ultimate way that adolescents use to connect with their friends, defeating face-to-face, e-mail, instant messaging, and voice calling (Santrock, 425). With this new trend has come a new frenzy: teen “sexting”. The term “sexting” is use to describe a wide variety of activities: it can be used for producing and sending images of oneself, receiving images directly from the producer, or forwarding received images to other people. Although, the majority of attention has been directed toward “sexting” via cell phone, the term can apply to any digital media, such as e‐mail, instant messaging, and social ...view middle of the document...

At this point, in this incident the police believe that teens are not likely to be charge.
However, a group of adolescents in Raleigh, North Carolina wasn’t that lucky. On March 14, 2014, ABC News reported in their story, North Carolina teen faces sexting charges following social media mistake. Here the story is different. A 13-year-old girl let her 14-year-old female friend have sex with a 17-year-old boy in her house and record it. The 13-year-old girl asked her why she let him video tape him and her answer was “'I don't know. I trust him, like I think I love him," (Daniels). As might be expected, the next day another teenager received the MMS and told the 13-year-old, who in response encouraged the teenager to “post it on Instagram to shame the girls on the video” (Daniels). Before long, the police showed up at her home, they wanted to charge the boy with a felony involving rape. Since she witnessed that they had consensual sex, she decided to cooperate with the investigation, but now she is also in legal trouble and is expect in juvenile court. On both stories, parents are upset that their teens engaged in such behaviors. They also, affirm that their kids understood the lesson and won’t do it again.
In these news, and media in general, there is a negative depiction of adolescents. The predicament is that television is a cultural storyteller. Its programming both reflects the values and ideals of American society as well as shapes the attitudes and beliefs of those who watch it. Zealous TV viewers got the impression that the representations on TV programming reflect the state of the world outside TV, and thus pick up perceptions about the world based on TV information. Through patterns of inclusion and exclusion, television content sends implicit messages about the relative cultural importance of different groups, behaviors, and ideologies. Underrepresentation and negative portrayals of different groups on TV, as adolescents, can influence the self-concepts and images of viewers from these groups.
Indeed, as Dr. Sax reveals on his book Girls on the Edge, girls are being impacted by the influence of those negative messages of self-concept and images the media is sending. “There has been a big...

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