Janus Capital Group: History Of The Company, What Are The Ethical Dilemmas That The Management Has Faced?

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Janus Capital Group is a mutual fund company that specializes in the active management of investor assets. They are responsible for the investment advisory, distribution, and marketing of their various funds throughout the world. The company's asset management disciplines include growth, core, international and value. As of February 29, 2004 total assets under management at Janus was $147.5 billion (Janus.com).Tom Bailey established Janus Mutual Funds in 1970 with only 30 investors and less than $500,000 in initial capital. By 1980, Janus had accumulated $33.5 million in assets and was easily beating the S&P 500 returns by investing in value-oriented stocks. In 1984, Kansas City Southern Railroad executive Landon Rowland decided that the railroad industry was stagnant. Rowland was looking for a way for his company to diversify and approached Tom Bailey with an offer to purchase his fund company. Tom decided he would sell 90% of his company to Kansas City Southern but managed to retain control of the firm through a clause in his contract. By 1990, the Janus family of funds had accumulated over $4 billion in assets and launched one of the first international funds in America, the Janus Worldwide fund. In 1996, Janus begins their first foray into national advertising and a year later become one of the first fund companies to offer a website for investors to research their funds. In 1997, international fund manager Helen Young Hayes is named by Morningstar as fund manager of the year. In 1998, fund manager Scott Schoelzel is named Manager of the Year by Mutual Fund Magazine. Also in 1998, Janus is named "Family of the Year" by Mutual Funds Magazine and Fortune ranks Janus as one of the top 100 companies to work for. By 2000, Janus was managing $250 billion and was the most revered fund company in America easily beating its peers in almost every investment category. In 2002 Janus shareholders were shocked to learn that Tom Bailey, the company's founder, decided to sell his remaining ownership to Kansas City Southern, effectively relinquishing control of the company he founded. 2003 ushered in change for Janus as the company merged with Berger Funds and began trading on the New York Stock Exchange under the tick JNS (Janus.com).Janus' mission statement has always been to "get investors where they want to go." Tom Bailey began the company with this one simple idea and was able to impart oversized returns for his shareholders over the long run. But investors may not be willing to believe that Janus has their best interests in mind because of some recent scandals that have rocked the mutual fund industry. This once respected fund company has come under fire for unethical and even illegal activities at a time when the company was struggling financially. For example, during the tech boom of the 1990's the Janus Mercury Fund had nearly $16 billion dollars in total assets and was creating over $100 million in revenue in the year 2000 (Strategic Insight)....

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