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Japan And United States Essay

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In the first stage of their child’s life Japanese use Amae in child-rearing. Amae is taught to indulge dependency, giving the idea that with this style of child-rearing will bring production and reproduction. A Japanese mother will hug their child giving their child a sense of dependency. Later in the child’s life children will often beg or plead for what they want knowing that the child will be forgave and indulged by the caregiver.Education is very important in Japan. In school the children dress in uniforms. In elementary the children start when they are six and go until they are twelve. After elementary the children enter middle school from the age of twelve to fifteen and this phase of education is very important. With good marks in middle school will determine what senior high school, university, or even career they will have. The family life for Japanese finds that the most important of a family is to think of the family not as an individual. With this way of thinking would lead the sons of the father to work under their father. Or if they lived in rural Japan and own some land and the family had two sons and a daughter; the land would not get split up between the three, but the eldest boy would own the land. As for the daughter would have to go out and find a husband to take her hand in marriage. If not the daughter would have to live at home until that day comes. Japanese parents did not want to have a daughter if they already had one; because of the circumstances. So in the past if they had another daughter they would discard the baby girl just so the parents would not have to have the daughter living at home. Senior are well respected in Japan, they have their own national holiday.Japan is aging rapidly and the pregnancies are declining slowly. Senior is becoming more active by help cleaning the environment, participating in games, and exercise. Shito was the Japan’s religion until after World War 2 then the religion became Buddhist. Religion in Japan is very important like their education. Japan teaches their religion in schools.America is very open with everything. If you lived in another country and wanted to come to the states for the America dream and become a citizen you...

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