Japan: Corporate Governance Research Methodology Essay

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In our study of corporate governance and its impact on the overall economic and business environment, we have considered the example of Japanese Corporate governance and have compared it with other systems. We will study the comparative performances of the companies working in the Japanese system of corporate governance and the organizations working in other systems of corporate governance, primarily that of the United States. We have discussed the concept of corporate governance as well as management practices in detail and have tried to identify the difficulties and the barriers the company’s usually face while following a specific system of corporate governance. The detailed description of the corporate governance concept is primarily derived from the works of several management experts. We have considered the most commonly used concept of corporate governance in our study and have accordingly proposed the solutions to the problems that the companies usually face while adopting a certain system of management. In the next chapter we will discuss the issue of corporate governance in relation to the example that we have considered in the beginning of our study. Instruments: The literature review will be helpful in obtaining certain useful information relating to the study. This information will include: the history of the Japanese business organizations, their management practices, their decision making procedures, their business philosophies and other issues related to their system of corporate governance. In addition to this, the organizational performance of Japanese business entities, as compared to other organizations will be studied. The information thus obtained will be used to identify the effects of Japanese system of corporate governance on their overall business environment. Several research methods can be utilized in this regard. Secondary data will be a useful resource in identifying the business practices and the structure of the system of corporate governance. Several educational journals and newspapers will provide sufficient information. Moreover, Internet can also provide sufficient information in this regard. The researcher can visit the websites of different business and government institutions abroad and go throw their information material and results of studies presented there. They can also contact the concerned person via email and ask them for some information. Another method can be to contact different accreditation agencies in different agencies and ask them for information about the business environment of their respective region. These agencies can also provide useful information about the economic performance, market conditions, and the current market standing of different business entities of their respective regions and can provide the course descriptions in detail. Some government agencies of different countries can also provide useful information required by the researcher. They can also provide...

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