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Japan On Its Way To Be The Worlds Largest Economy

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Japan On Its Way To Be The World's Largest Economy

Japan has performed a miracle. The country's economic performance
following its crushing defeat in World War II is nothing short of astounding.
The economic expansion of Japan is second to none. All of the elements are in
place for Japan to continue increasing its share of the world's wealth as
America's gradually declines. The country is on track to becoming the world's
largest economy. How did Japan do it? There are many theories and studies that
have traced the Japanese miracle without success. The answer to the mystery can
be found by examining Japan's culture, education, and employment system. Japan's
success is not just a case of good technique and technology in business, but a
real recognition and development of the necessary human skills.

     A better understanding of the Japanese society provides the framework to
understanding the workings of Japanese business (and possibly the Japanese
mind.) The ways of the Japanese provide a foundation for their economic
adaptability in modern times. Japan is a culture where human relations and
preservation of harmony are the most important elements in society. "It is
their sense of identity and destiny which gives their industrial machine its
effectiveness."1 "Among the Japanese, there exists an instinctive respect for
institutions and government, for the rules of etiquette and service, for social
functions and their rituals of business. Japan is a traditionally crowded island,
the people are forced to share the limited space with each other and to live in
harmony.. The Japanese are very protective of their culture. They are very
conservative to outside intrusion. Their distinctive ways are a source of pride
and national strength."2 Japan's striving for purity is very different form a
North American idea of open doors and diversity as strength. Japan is relatively
closed to immigration to outside countries. However, this feeling of superiority
does not stop them from being careful. "This is probably because the Japanese
know their economic house is on shaky ground, literally. Japan is eternally at
nature's mercy, vulnerable to the sea that surrounds it, to earthquakes of the
soil beneath it and a real shortage of raw materials, particularly food and
fuel."3 A period of extended isolation could be disastrous to the country.
Japan's trade surplus is its only generator of wealth. This is a fact of life
that is preached through the media and taught constantly to Japanese throughout
their lives in school, from parents, and when they enter the working world. The
message is clear: Japan is always vulnerable, we must protect her. "Obsessed
with national character, the Japanese are proud and ambitious, constantly
measuring themselves against the world's best and biggest. Accordingly, one of
the main sources of Japan's strength is its people's willingness to sacrifice,
to be regimented and...

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