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Japan’s Comfort Women Book Review

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A main argument Tanaka has is the constant denial of the Japanese comfort women. It became something that was not talked about. Tanaka mentions his father and his uncles, “…very little reference was made to the live of local Chinese people…” (pg.2). They had kept all quiet when it came to talking about the wrongs of the war. Soldier’s and the government feign ignorance when it comes to the matter of comfort women. The head of the allied troops did the same covering the sexual crimes of occupation soldiers in Japan. An example of this is when, “…SCAP issued a… press code for Japan and controlling press reports by introducing post censorship”(pg.124). They purposefully hid the wrong of their ...view middle of the document...

A couple of organizations formed in the response to seeing that sex in a time of war can earn them a substantial amount of money, such as Black and White riding house club and the RAA. Created by people who had influential power. Their eyes were only filled with dollar signs not really caring about the physical and mental aspects of these women. Pictures of how these women were treated are scene throughout the book there is one picture of a female that has a wound inflicted by a bayonet (pg.48). This was one way of brutality they used during the war to get women to have sex with them. With a great deal of evidence Tanaka proved sex can become ugly in the face of war.
The level of sexism in book caught me off guard as I began to read about comfort and how they treated. It was shocking how their treated these women as the war went on and even after the war. As I read on I began to see how little respect men have for women, how they just saw us as a tool that can bring them pleasure to them when they want it. It makes me wonder is the world still like this today. Yes women are seen a little different with the years passing by but if there was another war on this scale will they do the same thing? As I read on it made me mad to see dozens of written examples and pictures of sexually abused women. Every page I turned there was another form of sexism some worse than others. In the book Tanaka said psychologically to these soldiers it was seen as women should give up themselves because these men were risking their lives. As I read it got me to thinking about now and how men sexually see for some they still think the same.
Patriotism is usually seen as a good symbol of respect and loyalty a group of people have for their country,...

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