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Japan's Military In The Modern World

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Japan's Military in the Modern World
With centuries of bloodshed far behind them, Japan has spent the decades proceeding the end of World War Two as a mainly pacifist country when it came to military conflicts around the globe and in their backyard.
A country that was once a war machine was given a true reality check after they had admitted defeat to the Allied Forces. Their country was devastated and so were the people of Japan.
Japan’s numerous years of war had taken its toll on the country. It was time to rebuild, look towards a future devoid of so much death and destruction. After the surrender and with the implementation of a new constitution the once country of warriors now had a self-defense force which was created to protect itself.
Japan’s self-defense force was born from the United States occupation after World War Two and governed the newly created constitutional, which allowed Japan to create a force that would only provide self-defense, ...view middle of the document...

The Japanese self-defense only policy is a very noticeable difference between the two countries. An example is this difference can be found in the roles each country played during the Iraqi war. The United States lead the invasion and were not hindered by a shoot in self-defense only policy and were able to activity seek out targets and engage. Whereas the Japanese forces in Iraqi had more of a peacekeeper role and were only able to defend themselves if threatened.
Just as both countries military policies differ, so do the economic policies. Both countries have experienced economic turmoil and success and continue to attempt to stimulate economic recovery and growth.
Each country’s views on how they protect themselves economically and militarily can have positive and negative effects for that country as well as those around them. It is how that country reacts to an ever-changing world, will enable them to move forward and away from harm’s way.
Japan’s pacifism is starting to wavier as the country moves further away from their past and realizes that there are some major players in the world that pose a great threat. Japan’s leader must be able to break from some traditions and policies to push towards making the economy stronger. The same can be said said for the military of Japan; stronger military will increase ability to survive in years to come (Hirokawa & Reynolds, 2014).
On the other side, you have the United States whose military has been involved in conflicts all over the globe and with an economy that is now more reliant on outside sources like China for financial support as well as goods and services.
It is unlikely that the United States government would ever change the military’s purpose to a self-defense only shooting policy, but if this was the policy, the feeling insecurity would be greater as well as the countries vulnerability to attack domestically and abroad.
The United States may need to look towards Japan, take more of a self-defense military posture with certain global instabilities, and find ways to work with countries like Japan to foster a better use of each other resources to regain financial stability among their countries.

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