Japan Vs. China Vs. America Essay

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The trends of history are most likely driven by different cultures and policies. Each of the countries has different traditions, religions, languages, and educations, which can affect the future of generations. Therefore, it is very interesting to look into one or two specific countries and discover the differences and similarities between our own countries. After I have interviewed Tomoko Yokohama, a very cute and sweet girl from Japan, I have learned a lot of interesting things. Also, I found out many differences and similarities among my country-China and America. In order to discuss the culture among Japan, China, and America, we can divide it into many areas, such as languages, city life, gender role, food, and so on. First of all, the languages are one of the main differences. Japanese is the official language of Japan. But there are also many local dialects that differ greatly in pronunciation. However, Yokohama said the Tokyo dialect is the standard form of spoken Japanese. Many Japanese can also speak English, but not very well. Yokohama said that there are a lot of Japanese words, such banana, apple (lingo), group (guruupu), are based on both Chinese and English. Furthermore, written Japanese is one of the most difficult writing systems in the world. It uses Japanese phonetic symbols that represent sounds. The words are composed of many syllables, and endings are attached to change tense, from negative, or otherwise modify meaning. Yokohama said she used to learn Japanese with the letters of the Roman alphabet when she was still in elementary school. Very likely in China, spoken Chinese has many local dialects. Because of the different subcultures and big population in China, these local dialects sometimes even have their own characters. For example, in Tibet, people use their own language instead of the standard form of Chinese. Unlikely, in China, instead of using any endings to change tense, we use specify words to stand for the meaning of past tense or present tense. However, in America, spoken English doesn't have much local dialects, the only thing is the accents difference, such as blank people have their own accents. Moreover, English use twenty-six letters to form words. It also has different endings stand for the different tense. Besides the languages, another difference is the city life among Japan, China, and America. Yokohama once told me that one of reasons she likes America is because things in here are much cheaper than in Japan. She also said that she loves to go shopping in South Coast where has many brand-name products. In Japan, most of the people live in urban areas where major population is concentrated. The downtown streets are filled with a lot of glittering high-rise buildings. People are like to go shopping to those expensive fashionable departments. Most of the Japanese who are similar to Yokohama enjoy a high standard of living. Furthermore, because of the big population in urban areas, housing...

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